Meet Mariz Dearos: Homeschooling Supermom to 4 kids

Meet Mariz Dearos: Homeschooling Supermom to 4 kids

Supermom Mariz Dearos shares how she manages to juggle raising four children, being a loving wife, running a household, and homeschooling all her four children. She also takes care of a tortoise and three dogs!

“My kids are borrowed lives from God. They are my greatest blessing, taking care of them to the best of my ability is my way of giving back to God,” wrote Mariz Dearos.

Mariz is the mom of four talented, homeschooled children–Maria Sofia Ysabel, 16; Jose Emilio, 13; Maria Anastacia, 12; and Juan Nicolas, 6. She is also the doting wife of Erwin Dearos.

Mariz has homeschooled her children since before they were ready to walk–teaching them the simplest things, such as how to eat and talk, or how to run and skip. And when whey were ready to go to school, she took on the daunting task of becoming their parent-teacher.

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Through all her sixteen years of motherhood, Mariz has never had a helper around the house. She not only homeschools all her four children–she is also an all-around mother and homemaker!

Whether sick, pregnant, or breastfeeding, Mariz has managed to teach her children not just their academic subjects, but important life skills and moral values, as well.

Photo from Erwin Dearos' Facebook.

Photo from Erwin Dearos’ Facebook page.

How does she do it? Here are her thoughts on motherhood and the lessons she has learned through her own experiences:

Describe you and what you do

I am a full-time Mom. I spend my time homechooling my 4 kids, 3 dogs and 1 tortoise.

Tell us about your kids!

My eldest is Sofia, currently a freshman from The Ateneo taking up ABCOMM.  She is homeschooled from kinder to high school. Sofia is a good singer, self taught pianist, literature lover and a surrealism artist. Contrary to common misconceptions about homeschooling, Sofia proved that socialization is not an issue at all.  She enjoys meeting people and is always in search of new knowledge and ideas .

My second is Emilio, entering Grade 7 this school year in TMA (The Master’s Academy) Homeschool. An artist in his own way too. He prefers the digital aspect of the arts and is currently pursuing his animation skills in The First Academy of the Philippines.

A bright-spirited young man, there is never a sad moment for Emilio. No outside circumstance could dampen the inner peace that rests his simple being. [I] really admire him for his light and worry-free disposition. One great thing I learned from my son is that no matter how tough a day may be, a marshmallow or a hug from a pet would make everything right.

Photo from Erwin Dearos's Facebook.

Photo from Erwin Dearos’s Facebook page

My third daughter is Anastacia. We call her Shing. She’s entering Grade 7 in TMA Homeschool. Another budding artist and singer in the family, she was inspired by her sister whom she adores so much.

Shing is my sporty child.  She enjoys being outdoors and loves to dance.  On her free time, she enjoys working on her journal or crocheting. At the age of 12, Shing already has a very mature disposition. Her younger brother looks up to her, seeing her as a friend and a surrogate mother as well. She is currently taking voice lessons in the Music School of Ryan Cayabyab.

My last baby is Juan Nicolas, entering grade 1 also in TMA Homeschool. My fourth artist in the family. Taking on the hobbies of his sisters at the age of 5 he started keeping his own “arts and thoughts journal”.  He has a deep appreciation for the arts and loves being read to. A critical thinker, he quickly puts into practice almost everything he has read and would start writing his own storybook. Nicolas is also into singing and dancing. 

What’s your secret to being a supermom?

I pray more then ever in my life. I would always ask God to make me a better person so I can be the best mom my kids could have.  Also, I always keep my eye on the prize — what’s at the end of all these mom challenges and that end is to bring up happy, good and God loving people.

Having this end in my mind, I find joy in my life as a full time mother to my kids. I am happy I devoted my life to them. I think anybody who enjoys doing what they do will always find success.

What’s your me-time?

I love spending my free time reading parenting and homeschooling books, having coffee with friends and gardening.

 Mommy Mariz’ most heartwarming moments on the next page.

Your most heartwarming mom moment

Each time I receive letters of love and appreciation from my children. Every glass of cold water given by my sons.

Your funniest mom moment

The time when I discussed the last last words of Jesus. My son Nicolas remembered the “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”. So when we prayed after the lesson Nicolas ended his prayer with….”God, please forgive my parents because they don’t know what they are doing! HAHA!

Homeschooling kids.

The kids enjoy learning about Easter.

What’s your proudest moment as a mom?

All my kids’ firsts. Each time I see them perform on stage and see them enjoy, when I see them choose the good over the bad, each time I see that they are loved by other people.

Did you turn out to be the parent you wanted to or thought you would be?


What about motherhood has surprised you? How has it changed you?

Nothing has surprised me at all. I dreamt of being a mom ever since and I’ve been a witness to how my mom took care of us. So I guess, knowing and embracing what may come prepared me for motherhood.

What parenting issue are you dealing with right now and what you are doing about it?

The biggest issue that we have right now is the addiction to technology. Based on experience, banning a child from the use of a gadget wouldn’t solve the problem at all.

In our home, I allow my kids to use [gadgets] and trust them to self-regulate. My only rule is that they must read, work on their hobbies and spend time playing outdoors. Since my son loves playing video games, we supported this interest and gave him the opportunity to maximize his learning by enrolling him in animation class.  I also used his interest to create a vision for himself. He now aspires to be a software designer someday.

What unique aspect of Pinoy/Asian parenting have you found to be the most helpful in raising your children?

The most important aspect that helped me in my parenting is RELIGION. Having a deep belief and fear of the Lord is rooted in every Filipino family.  My guiding parenting principle is anchored in the belief that my kids are borrowed lives from God. They are my greatest blessing, taking care of them to the best of my ability is my way of giving back to God.

Perhaps it is also this attitude of giving back to God that also allows her children to excel in their various interests, as they see their own mother excel in her passion– that of being a supermom.


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