What you missed: Prince George's adorable meeting with the Obamas and other news

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U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are busy traveling the world. One of their stops was the United Kingdom.

At a dinner in Kensington Palace, the President and the First Lady were welcomed by Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and other members of the royal family.

The one who stole the show, however, was little Prince George, who reportedly stayed past his bedtime to meet the world leader.

“Sorry about the weather,” the Prince reportedly told Obama as they entered the Palace.

But once inside, the President was pleasantly surprised to see a ray of sunshine awaiting him.

“Oh look at you,” he said as the door was shut, reports CNN.

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photo: E! News

Photos were released of the adorable meeting were released a day later and people couldn’t just stop talking about how adorable George looked with his rosy cheeks, all clad in a white robe with blue trimmings and navy slippers with red planes.

In one of the photos, we see George riding a rocking horse which had been a gift from the Obama family during his first birthday.

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Powerful winds whip Tokyo

Barely over a week since suffering massive twin earthquakes, Japan is yet again threatened with a potential natural disaster.

According to Mashable, the country’s capital, Tokyo, was suddenly whipped by powerful gusts of wind, so strong that it just ripped off the scaffolding off a 9-storey building.

No injuries have been reported but many passersby were frightened and took to social media to share the news with the world.

Twitter was abuzz with posts by Japanese users who witnessed the impact and the damage firsthand. 

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Clever Ad for Breast Cancer Awareness Evades Censorship Rules

An Argetinian breast cancer organization came up with a way to sidestep facebook and instagram’s censorship rules by posting a different take on Breast Cancer Prevention PSAs.

Using an unconventional approach, they managed to get 8 million views in just four days.

Since social networks prevent photos or videos showing female nipples, Buenos Aires-based nonprofit Movimiento Ayuda Cáncer de Mama (MACMA), or Breast Cancer Help Movement, decided to use “man boobs” instead.

Yes, you read that right. The results are hilarious but no less informative.

“Women’s boobs, particularly their nipples, are censored in certain social networks, even when showing breast self-examinations to detect early breast cancer,” says a narrator as the video begins, showing a topless woman whose breasts are hidden behind social media logos. “But we found boobs that aren’t censored: Henry’s.”

Then “Henry” steps in front of the woman who wraps her arms around him and begins to demonstrate how to properly perform a breast cancer examination to check for lumps.

On cue, a shirtless “Henry” steps in front of the woman, who wraps her arms around his body and demonstrates how to conduct a self-examination to find cancerous lumps.

The video and campaign have receieved rave reviews, with many netizens praising the creativity and brilliance of the people behind this campaign.

Watch it in full below.

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