What does it take to be a modern dad?

What does it take to be a modern dad?

How to win the Coolest Dad award

The meaning of “Dad” has evolved. Forget about the dad who hangs around the office all day, goes home, pats his kid on the head, sits on the sofa and grabs the remote. Today, that is barely going to make the cut. Nowadays, knowing modern dad skills is essential without a doubt.

Zbyszek Kalenik of Braun conducted a survey on modern fatherhood and according to him, "Fatherhood today demands that dads get to grips with all manner of tasks and challenges, including those that were once the preserve of mom."

Ooooh, sounds like a tough job. Fret no more, here are some skills that you might want to be familiar with to become the modern cool dad!

What does it take to be a modern dad? Swedish dads spend a lot of quality time with their kids – be like them!

Modern Dad Skills 101

1. Be Social Media Savvy

Okay, you might say that you are too busy or too much of a tech noob to actually have an online account, but this is just one of the basic modern dad skills that you have to know.

Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are just some of the names your kid might drop, because kids nowadays just love to stay connected all the time.

And while knowing about these platforms makes you a cool dad and totally with the times, you might want to take advantage of its benefits too! It is a great way to track your older kid’s activities as well! (Wink wink.)

But when you're not playing detective, some of these media platforms actually have cool features that help you bond with your kids.

Tip: Why not have fun with Snapchat’s filters with your kiddo? She would love to see daddy with those cute doggy ears!

2. Use Spotify or Youtube for Music and Dance

Music is a great way to entertain your kids. Gone are the days when you had to take a bunch of CD’s from the rack to play some tunes. Even downloading songs is ancient history for modern kids.

Familiarize yourself with what they use and be on the same playing field when it comes to making use of  current music apps. Spotify is pretty awesome.

YouTube is great to find songs with videos to show your younger kids. You could sing along to Disney songs, Taylor Swift, Grace VanderWaal, or show off some groovy moves to Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom” and get a happy squeal from your baby girl!

Try it on your next car ride!

3. Braid Her Hair

Now, you might think that this is purely a "mom skill". Yet don't forget that being a modern dad requires a wide array of different skills.

Preparing kids for school, braiding your daughter's hair, and playing soccer with your little man are some of the modern dad skills that you need to be familiar with. It may take time for you to learn these, but being actively involved with your child’s activities will surely bring forth great results!

See this as a great opportunity to bond with your kids!

Check out this cool dad's tutorial on how to braid girls' hair! 

4. Join the Night Watch!

Good news for moms! Daddies nowadays value their role as a father by being highly engaged with raising their kids. And that includes taking on baby night duties!

This is a great way to help out each other and be in the parenthood club as a team! So daddies, add “knows how to change nappies” to your skill set!

Tip: Being able to cook some quick and nutritious dinners is also a good skill to have, and will definitely earn your brownie points from the family!

Kalenik's survey results say that, “a quarter of dads agree that the requirements of fathers today are much tougher than they were in the past.” Eight in ten agreed that modern daddies “have to know significantly more skills compared to their own dads, with technological-based knowledge accounting for a large portion.”

It all sounds far removed from the traditional father image that we might have experienced with our own dads. Yet actively participating in parenting will surely give you positive results – and who knows? You might win the coolest daddy in the world award from your kiddo!

Happy daddy duties to you!


Source: Independent

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Republished with permission from: theAsianParent Singapore



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