Police arrest this man for molesting 7 children at a day care

Police arrest this man for molesting 7 children at a day care

For two years, his heinous crime went unnoticed because it was his wife who owned the day care.

Juan Francisco Gutierrez tried to flee from the United States when he discovered that he was being investigated for allegedly molesting seven children at a day care that his wife ran.

The first of the seven children alerted police last summer, said Officer Ed Enriquez in a statement issued by the Stateside, California police. When a $3.3 million warrant was issued for his arrest, Gonzalez fled to El Salvador.

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“Investigators recently determined he had come back into the United States and was most likely in the city of Los Angeles,” police said.

Police arrests man for molesting 7 children at day care

The Seaside daycare that Juan Francisco Gonzalez and his wife ran; Photo courtesy: KSBW / Felix Cortez

Assisting in tracking down Gonzalez, the Los Angeles Police Department surveilled multiple locations in Los Angeles. On Wednesday at 3pm, the LAPD found and arrested Gonzalez.

Authorities revealed that Gonzalez had been molesting the children at the day care for almost two years.

Keeping your child from predators

Here are some good tips on how you can prevent your child from sexual assault.

  • Show interest in their day-to-day lives. Ask them what they did during the day and who they did it with. Who did they sit with at lunchtime? What games did they play after school? Did they enjoy themselves?
  • Get to know the people in your child’s life. Know who your child is spending time with, including other children and adults. Ask your child about the kids they go to school with; the parents of their friends, and other people they may encounter, such as teammates or coaches.
  • Choose caregivers carefully. Whether it’s a babysitter, a new school, or an after-school activity, be diligent about screening caregivers for your child.
  • Talk about the media. Incidents of sexual violence are frequently covered by the news and portrayed in television shows. Ask your child questions about this coverage to start a conversation. Questions like, “Have you ever heard of this happening before?” or “What would you do if you were in this situation?” can signal to your child that these are important issues that they can talk about with you. Learn more about talking to your kids about sexual assault.
  • Know the warning signs. Become familiar with the warning signs of child sexual abuse, and notice any changes with your child, no matter how small.

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