One mom shares her story of hope after losing 3 of her children

One mom shares her story of hope after losing 3 of her children

Mommy Karen Hernandez is constantly doing her best to remain hopeful, even after suffering 3 devastating miscarriages. This is her story.

For any parent, losing a child is devastating. And for Karen Hernandez, losing 3 of her children has really changed her outlook on life. But instead of feeling bitter and angry at the world, Karen shares her story of hope.

Mommy Karen's story of hope

Her first loss

In her Facebook post, Karen shared that she first became pregnant back in 2010, when she was 25 years old. She shared that her first pregnancy was very difficult, and she suffered bleeding up until her first trimester.

She decided to stop working and just rest at home to make sure that her pregnancy goes through without a hitch. But sadly, during a checkup on her 4th month of pregnancy, the doctor found that her baby no longer had a heartbeat.

Her doctor added that the chances of her having a child or becoming pregnant again were pretty slim. However, only 3 months after her miscarriage, Karen once again became pregnant.

A "miracle baby"

She shared that her second pregnancy was very much like her first. She had a hard time, and she was in and out of the hospital. During her 7th month, her water broke, and she thought that she would have to deliver her baby prematurely.

Amazingly, her baby made it to full term, but she still had to undergo an emergency C-section. Regardless, her daughter was born healthy, and she calls her a "miracle baby."

Another loss in the family

About 3 years after her second pregnancy, Karen once again became pregnant in 2014. Just like before, she struggled during her pregnancy and had to stop working. She added that she almost lost her job as a result.

She spent most of her time in bed, but she was happy since her pregnancy was seemingly going well and without any problems.

However, when she had a checkup on October 6, 9 days before her due date, her doctor discovered that her unborn child had an infection. On October 10 they came back to the doctor, but sadly her unborn child didn't have a heartbeat.

She delivered her child once again through emergency C-section, but this time there was no healthy baby to take home.

As a result, she became traumatized of once again getting pregnant, and vowed to never get pregnant again.

She wanted to focus on her family, her daughter, and her work.

A glimmer of hope

At around 2017-2018, Karen and her husband once again talked about having a baby. Karen's husband said that he's fine with just having their daughter, but Karen felt that her husband and her daughter both wanted a new addition to their family.

So she and her husband kept trying, and on October 2017, Karen once again became pregnant.

Again, it wasn't an easy pregnancy for Karen. On March 10, 2018, Karen became worried when she realized that her baby was no longer moving inside her womb. They quickly went to have an ultrasound to check if the baby was still alive, and thankfully there was still a heartbeat.

However, the baby had water inside the belly, and had an enlarged heart. Her doctor said that there was only a 20% chance of survival.

5 days after, on March 15, Karen went through labor and once again gave birth through an emergency C-section. It was a baby boy who weighed 1.7 kilos, and was born at 28 weeks.

Sadly, he only lived for 30 minutes after being born.

Her story of hope remains strong

Despite these setbacks in her life, Karen shared that she still remains hopeful about having another baby. She thanked her family, friends, and co-workers who supported her in her time of need, and who remain close to her throughout her challenges.

She added that she will be consulting her doctor to figure out what went wrong in her pregnancies, and what she can do to make sure that she won't lose another child.

Karen writes, "I have gained 3 angels above and I have 1 miracle baby with me."

And lastly, she's thankful that she still has her health and her family with her. She also thanks God for giving her the gift of life, and for providing her with everything that she has.



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