My maid ran away! What can I do?

My maid ran away! What can I do?

It doesn't happen to everyone, but there's nothing wrong with being prepared and knowing what to do if your maid ran away.

So you just came home from a vacation over the weekend, and you're slowly getting reacquainted with your house. You're wondering why some of the dishes aren't washed and why the clothes haven't been folded. You go to your maid's room to ask her about it, but she's not there. You try calling her cellphone but she's not answering. You then go back to her room and realize that all her things are no longer there. And then it hits you, your maid ran away! What can you do?

The first thing to do would be to contact her friends (if you know any) or her relatives. If you don't have any contacts to people she knows or if they're also clueless about what happened, then you should immediately contact the agency where you got the maid. If in case the maid wasn't from an agency, you should try and contact the person that recommended her to you. Chances are, they might have contact numbers of people that your maid might have ran off to.

Next, you should check to see if anything was taken from your home. There have been incidents wherein a maid stays only for a few months then waits for an opportunity to steal valuables from the house and then run away. Whenever you're going out for the weekend or going out of town, make sure to lock all your doors or put all of your valuables in a safe that's in a well-hidden location. Make sure that your maid doesn't have access to the keys to your room or any of your drawers or your safe.

You should also file a police report. This lets the police know that your maid is missing and that you were not informed about her whereabouts. The police can also track her if she looks for another employer so that they can be quickly notified about the incident. This is also especially useful if your maid came from a foreign country as the police will be able to assist you in repatriating her back to her home country.

This is why it's important to look for a maid that comes from a highly recommended agency since they usually have much more stringent qualifications when it comes to hiring maids. It might be more expensive, but it's better than having to worry about your maid running away if you go on vacation.

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