Nanny takes video of herself physically abusing a baby

Nanny takes video of herself physically abusing a baby

Some people deserve to go to jail, case in point, the woman in this video. According to Facebook posts, she took a video of herself abusing an infant and sent it to her friends.

Apparently, can't as yet identify the local maid. So was asked to circulate this video around so someone may b able to identify!A maid abused her master baby took video of it n send to her friends to show them. Forward to your friends to let the video circulate n be seen by the baby parents. 印尼籍女佣孽待小主人!自拍过程传给她的朋友看。请速传出去,希望孩子的父母看到而将女佣绳之以法!

Posted by Winson Lim on Sunday, May 31, 2015

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