Neri Naig thanks Chito Miranda for love and support through miscarriage

Neri Naig thanks Chito Miranda for love and support through miscarriage

Sources vary on how many women miscarry their pregnancies, but Neri could be the one in four women who suffer through this heartbreaking event. Most miscarriages happen in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

In a heartwarming and meaningful Instagram post, Neri Miranda thanked her husband, Parokya ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda for the love and support he gave her during her miscarriage.

This is the first post where Neri referred specifically to her miscarriage. She has previously been mum about the incident.

Neri posted the photo above of her and Chito on a hospital bed along with the caption:

Ang swerte swerte ko kase ikaw ang kasama ko sa buhay. Kase na eenjoy ko talaga yung buhay eh, masaya lang, hassle free.

Pag niyayakap mo ako, nararamdaman ko talaga na safe ako. Nararamdaman ko kung gaano mo ako kamahal. Ang sarap ng pakiramdam.

Hard to accept

She said that she found it extremely difficult to accept the loss of what could have been their firstborn. In the same Instagram post, she said,

Sobrang nahirapan akong tanggapin na nawalan tayo ng baby. Masakit. Sobrang sakit. Pero unti unting tinanggap ko na wala na siya. Mahirap, pero kailangan. Love is making the best of what life throws at you. Thank you, baby ko!”

She also said that she is moving on from the ordeal.

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Neri's miscarriage

The couple announced Neri’s pregnancy five months ago on Instagram. Three months later, Chito also confirmed the miscarriage, by posting a sweet and supportive message praising Neri:

No one knew at first

According to Chito, the hospital photo was taken just before his wife had to get her dilation and curretage or D&C, which is a medical procedure done to prevent infection and expel remaining tissue in the womb.

Even though it was hard, he said, he left her just as she was put to sleep for her surgery and even went to play a gig. He returned as quickly as possible to be with her.

The very next day, Neri went back to work, he said.

What Chito said to comfort Neri

Neri also posted the comforting words that Chito told her while she was recovering from the pregnancy loss.

She said, “Alam mo na napaka strong ko pag dating sa mga pagsubok. Hindi talaga ako umiiyak o nagpapakitang umiiyak. Pero sinabi mo sa akin, ‘Baby, it's ok to cry. Ok lang din na magalit ka, normal lang na maramdaman mo yun.’ Sa'yo lang ako nagpakita ng weaknesses ko. Hindi ko rin pala kaya ng ako lang.

And in true IG-serye style, Chito responded how they have each other’s backs, no matter what happens.

Life is not perfect. But that's why we have each other, along with our family and friends, to make things easier to handle. I have her back, and she's got mine. I am Neri's Tag-Team Partner and together we could take on anything.

We’re so glad Neri is recovering and in awe of how supportive and sweet Chito is to her.

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