New app aims to help moms bond with newborns

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Research shows that it can take up to six months for parents to develop a strong relationship with their newborns. This new app aims to bridge that gap! Learn more here!

While many moms and dads alike tend to believe that when your baby is born, an instant bond is formed. Well, the sad reality is that even such a thing as building a strong foundation and relationship with your newborn takes time and effort. In fact, research has shown that 60% of new parents struggle to form an instant connection with their newborn.

Sure, that seems like a high number, but in the case of new parents…can you blame them? They have no experience with being a parent and may have little experience being around infants all together.

As research has found, it can sometimes take new parents around six months to build that relationship with their baby, so while those formative months are going on, what’s a parent to do?

Enter parenting expert and nurse Jen Hamilton. This inventive parenting specialist understands that being a new parent is tougher than it’s made out to be, and parents can use help at any capacity. That’s why she worked hard to develop a new parenting app that can help parents form a strong bond with their babies!

Jen New app aims to help moms bond with newborns

Creator of WOTBaby Jen Hamilton

It’s called WOTBaby, and she’s described the innovative application as “a midwife in your pocket”.

The app–priced at $2.99–is a heaven sent for new parents who need all the help they can get. Especially for parents struggling to adjust to their ever changing lifestyle in the early goings of parenthood.

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In an interview with Daily Mail UK, Jen Hamilton spoke of the pressures new moms feel to click with their babies: “It’s all you see in advertising and the movies. Mums are depicted as forming an immediate bond, when in reality it can take much longer to form a true rhythm with their baby.”

‘There are some key fundamentals that result in a successful bond between parent and baby, and so many out-of-control factors can effect that experience.

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“In my experience, I generally find on average mums truly bond with their child at four to five months,” Hamilton added.

According to WOTBaby’s description in Google Play and the Apple Store, the app was “designed to guide new parents and caregivers through the first 6 months of parenting. Providing windows of time guidelines (WOT) to guide parents with age appropriate information regarding feeding, sleeping, settling, resettling and play. The app educates and guides caregivers through management of feeding and routine establishment providing the unique option flowcharts for settling. It gives new parents confidence with management of sleeping for their infant.”

As mentioned before, the app is available on both Google Play and Apple Store and is priced at about $2.99.

If you’re an expecting parent, or new to the parenting game, WOTBaby may be exactly what you need to help manage your new lifestyle and help establish an amazing relationship with your baby!

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