Iya Villania resumes exercise a month after giving birth

Iya Villania resumes exercise a month after giving birth

The new mom and fitness buff recently shared on Instagram that she's resumed her active lifestyle. Learn more about it, here!

The new mom and gym buff isn't about to let anything get in the way of her love for working out. Just over a month after giving birth to her first child with Drew Arellano, Iya's back to exercising!

More than a means of working out, the new mom also found a way around Manila's horrible traffic!

"Nice to be able to bike commute again since being pregnant and giving birth! The best way to beat the traffic! And there's just no time to waste when you have a hungry baby boy waiting for you back home. Nakakatawa lang na walang traffic today when I went to the gym," wrote the fitspo mom.

She even got new kicks to start her post-pregancy fitness regimen!

Time to try this baby out! ???????????? #EmbraceTheSocks #NikeWomen #Flyknits @vamossocks

A photo posted by Iya Villania-Arellano (@iyavillania) on

Her sweet husband, who refers to himself as a "sneaky photographer", also shared this shot of Iya stretching.

Many of his followers commented that Iya was still "fit and sexy" even after having just given birth.

Return of the GALVEZ. #thesneakyphotographer

A photo posted by Drew Arellano (@drewarellano) on

But nothing can interfere with time for Primo!

"When your workout gets cut short coz the little boss wakes up hungry and you're still direct feeding," wrote Iya on one of her recent Instagram posts.

Take a look back on Antonio Primo's first month on the next page!

Most recent post of daddy Drew. He fondly refers to Antonio Primo as the "Prime Minister".

Have a tuuuuurrrrrific Tuesday, everyone! - The Prime Minister

A photo posted by Drew Arellano (@drewarellano) on

"All I need," wrote Drew alongside this photo of Iya and Primo sleeping peacefully.

All I need.

A photo posted by Drew Arellano (@drewarellano) on

Do you think Antonio Primo looks more like Iya or Drew?

Triumvirate. ????

A photo posted by Drew Arellano (@drewarellano) on

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