The top 5 'non-toys' that kids love to play with!

The top 5 'non-toys' that kids love to play with!

Who says that you have to buy expensive toys for your kids to play with? Kids have such a wild and crazy imagination, they can turn anything into a toy!

Kids are really creative. They can literally play with anything you give them! But there are a few non-toys that babies just absolutely go bonkers over! Here's a list of the top 5 'non-toys' that kids love to play with!

1. Boxes


Chances are, if your kid got a brand new toy, they'll play with it for about 15 minutes, and then they'll start playing with the box. It's kinda strange, but honestly, can you blame them? Kids can think of all sorts of creative things to do with a box; you'll be impressed at just how wide their imagination is.

Some kids turn boxes into forts, some like pretending it's a rocket ship, and others like to pretend it's a dark cave. It's just endless fun for the kids! Just make sure to monitor your kids while they play as boxes aren't really made for play.

2. Laundry baskets


Yep, kids love laundry baskets. We're sure that you've had your fair share of finding your entire family's clothes strewn all over the house, just because your kid wanted to go in his "rocket ship." We know that cleaning up after is such a hassle, so why not just join your kid in his "rocket ship" for the meantime?

3. Remote controls



Ah, remote controls. A lot of kids that have watched the Star Wars films have pretended that their remote controls at home are lightsabers. We're sure you've done it at least once in your life! Though, you better make sure that they put the remote controls back where they found it since remote controls have this weird habit of suddenly disappearing when you need it most.

However, make sure that they don't try and take out the batteries, as batteries can be a choking hazard, especially for younger children.

4. Water bottles


Actually, we would also count any bottle in general. Kids love putting stuff in bottles, and they put all sorts of weird concoctions inside, usually a mixture of things they find around the house and soaps and shampoos inside the bathroom.

Just make sure that the bottles your kids play with are plastic, as glass bottles can break and injure them.

5. Cellular phones


While you can play games on cellular phones, kids don't really care about playing with those apps. They care more about throwing your cellphone around or trying to figure out how to turn on the flashlight. Kids really have a weird relationship with cellphones as almost all kids of any age that see a cellphone will surely gravitate towards the hand held device.

That's why you gotta make sure to keep that expensive iPhone out of their reach, especially since kids have a habit of throwing stuff around.



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