Infant suffers blister like burns on face after falling asleep with his pacifier

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Always check the products baby uses, and keep safety in mind, always.

Pacifiers are commonly accepted as routine baby items (along with bottles, breast-pumps and strollers). As such, we have an inherent trust in their safety. However, a mom recently discovered to her horror that her baby's innocent-looking (and popular-branded) pacifier was capable of unimaginable harm.

Mom Kristen Milhone documents in a Facebook post how her seven-month-old son Jack, woke up one morning with pacifier burns.

Not wanting another child to suffer the same fate, she decided to spread awareness by sharing their ordeal.

7-Month-Old Suffered Pacifier Burns

In her post on , she shared that when she had woken that day, she noticed a quarter sized, red mark on the side of her baby's face. It was raised, blistered and looked very much like a burn.

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Rosanna Chio