This touching ad from Ikea will pull at your heartstrings

This touching ad from Ikea will pull at your heartstrings

Get the tissues ready, folks

If you haven’t seen this French Ikea advertisement that has been making the rounds in social media, we recommend that you have a box of tissues ready before you do.

The ad features a precocious little boy walking through Ikea with his mother, inspecting the wares and picking out furniture. As reported by Adweek, the “twist” isn’t much of a surprise, but you’ll shed a tear anyway.

We won't spoil it for you, just watch it here:

The ad, by the agency Buzzman, was directed by Didier Barcelo and Henry. It perfectly captures the poignancy of having your child grow up and become self-sufficient—wasn’t it just yesterday that you were teaching him to tie his shoelaces?

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The Ikea ad is similar to other ads that aim to pull at the heartstrings of parents everywhere. It’s manipulative, but it works. According to Adweek, Subaru is especially notorious for making parents cry with their advertising spots.

One is this ad for the Subaru Forester:

This ad, “Baby Driver,” was nominated for an Emmy:

Hug your kids a little tighter today, folks. They’re only small once.

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