Pinoy wonder kid 'Balang' wows Justin Bieber

Pinoy wonder kid 'Balang' wows Justin Bieber

Balang is back!

Remember Balang? The dancing Pinoy kid that Ellen Degeneres just can't get enough of?

Well another Hollywood heavyweight has taken notice of the bubbly, talented instant internet sensation.

This time Balang took on Bieber's hit dance track, 'Sorry'. Justin Bieber was so proud of Balang that he tweeted out a link to Elle Magazine's feature of Balang's latest dance cover.  It got the pop star's stamp of approval with the caption "kills it".

The video got a whopping 11 million views just two days after it was posted!

Watch it below.

It was just last May that John Philip 'Balang' Bughaw won the heart of netizens and viewers of the daytime hit show Ellen when he performed a memorable and adorable rendition of "Bang Bang".

Ellen was so delighted to meet him that she could hardly contain her glee as she watched him dance and got to know him a bit better.

The chocolate-loving wannabe Zumba instructor is adjusting quite well to his newfound fame, telling Ellen that he is just happy that people find him cute.

Asked where he draws inspiration from, he simply says that when he hears music or watches TV, he can't stop himself from moving and copying the choreography of his favorite artists.

Balang also appeared on the local noontime show It’s Showtime as part of their Mini-Me portion as Goin Bulilit’s Clarence Delgado last year.

Keep being you, Balang! You make us proud!

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