Pint-sized but big on talent: Meet Pinoy kid band Square One!

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Who knew the word adorable could be used to describe a rock band?! But yes, these kids are adorable! They may be pint-sized, but they are huge on talent!

They made history as the Philippines' first kid rock band in 2015. Today, Square One continues to make waves as a video of their original single went viral.

The video, which was shared by Afanasiy-Pinoy Community on June 12, garnered more than a million views, and 14,ooo likes in a matter of hours.

In the video, the four youngsters sporting long hair rock it out as they perform their single Letra in what looks like a recording studio.

The song is about how Filipino kids should be cared for as the future of the nation, and how the valuable Filipino traits from way back need to be practiced for a better today.

"Our deepest gratitude to Afanasiy-Pinoy Community for posting and sharing Square1 - SQ1 video," read a Facebook post by Square One.

"Our Special thanks goes to all Square One friends and supporters who spent their time sharing the same video. We all appreciate it so much.
We have reached 1M Mark now (6.13.16). Thank you and let's all keep rockin together!! God Bless everyone," the band likewise said.

According to an article on GMA News, the video is part of a live set the group performed for a radio station in 2015.

Below is the official music video of the song, which was released in 2015:

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Meet the band members

The band is comprised of four boys: Kyle Jimenez on vocals, Sean Samonte on drums, JP Par on lead guitar, and Von Domingo on bass.

Thus the name Square One, which signifies the four sides of a square and the band's goal to be number one in the music industry.

According to Kyle's dad, Richard Jimenez, Kyle started singing rock when he was just 6 years old due in part to Richard's influence as a vocalist in his own rock band.

Supportive of his son's interest, Richard held auditions to form the group that would eventually evolve into Square One.

Like Kyle, all the other band members also come from musically inclined families, and were exposed to rock music at an early age.

JP's interest in music was ignited through a Tito, whom he always saw playing the guitar. "One day, I just asked him to teach me," he said in the vernacular. JP was seven years old then.

Similarly, Von's earliest musical influence was his family. His older brother and father, in particular, were his guitar mentors. And in no time, Von was jamming with his kuya's band.

Sean exhibited a knack for rhythm as early as two years old. And by the time he was three, his parents gifted him with a child-sized drum set.

Other songs from this adorable rock band include Satellite, Long Hair, Sabi Nila, Indian Pana, and Unstoppable. 

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