Watch: Laguna policeman hits teen in basketball brawl

Watch: Laguna policeman hits teen in basketball brawl

When asked about the policeman who hit her son, the mother shares: "Yun po ang hindi ko po talaga siya mapapatawad sa ginawa niya sa anak ko."

A brawl that broke out between two rival basketball teams has been caught on CCTV, and surprisingly, a policeman who was coaching one of the teams was involved in the skirmish.

An all out brawl broke out between the two teams

The brawl started when a player from Brgy. Sinalhan was given a foul after accidentally elbowing another player from Brgy. Dita. However, the elbowed player from Brgy. Dita got angry because he was bleeding and started to make his way towards the other player, in an attempt to hit him.

The initial confrontation was deescalated, but as seen in the video, a man wearing a white shirt, who was later identified as the elbowed player's father, suddenly ran and hit the player from Brgy. Sinalhan. An all out brawl then broke out between the two rival teams.

"Hindi ko siya mapapatawad sa ginawa niya sa anak ko"

Imelda Begaso, the mother of the player from Brgy. Dita, can also be seen in the video trying to stop the other players from beating up her son.

In an interview, she shared, "Yun nga po ang pinakamasakit sa akin bilang nanay sir, kaya hanggang ngayon hindi ko kayang tingnan yung video. Yun po ang hindi ko po talaga siya mapapatawad sa ginawa niya sa anak ko."

She adds, "Hindi ko alam kung anong nangyari sa kanya, napasukan siya ng demonyo sa pananakit ng anak ko na pagkabagsak, pantay na yung paa, at hindi niya alam yung ginawa."

He maintains that he was not armed during the incident

Later in the video, a police officer who was identified as PO3 Hermogenes Tapangco, who was the coach of Brgy. Sinalhan can be seen hitting Imelda Begaso's son.

Imelda Begaso has since filed a case against PO3 Tapangco for hitting her son, who was a minor.

In his defense, PO3 Tapangco maintains that he was trying to pacify Imelda Begaso's son, but he said that her son then attempted to hit him. He added that it was a judgment call, and that he was just trying to defend himself.

PO3 Tapangco also shared that he was disappointed at how some netizens took photos from his Facebook account and used it to criticize his actions. He also maintains that he was not armed during the incident despite accusations that he had a gun.

Watch the full video below:


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