Positive parenting tips: 20 ways to show love to your child

Positive parenting tips: 20 ways to show love to your child

Practice positive parenting by following these tips on how you can show your child love. When showered with love, kids will grow to be happy and well.

Show love to your kids in 20 ways

Show love to your kids in 20 ways

Every child deserves to have the unconditional and undying love of their parents. Unfortunately there are some parents who honestly don’t know how to show love in a healthy, productive manner. The reasons for this are varied and vast, but that’s a discussion for another day.

For now, let’s just get down to the business of how to show your love to your children in ways that will remove any possibility of doubt in their minds no matter what.

Show love!

1. Say it. Say ‘I love you’ at least once a day.

2. Spending time each day doing the things they want to do tells your kids you love them. Parents of toddlers need to make sure their days include reading stories,building towers out of blocks, and swinging on the swings in the park.

Parents of older children need to help with homework, read together, play games together and need to teach their children to do chores and other activities. Parents of teens need to talk, play games, work together and plan for college together.

3. Love by being involved. Participate in school functions, be an interested and connected fan of their activities and know who their friends are.

4. Maintain your marriage. Children crave, need and deserve a stable home with loving parents. Don’t argue in front of your children and never try to get your children to take sides. If you are a single parent, never berate your child’s parent to them.

5. Discipline your child. Discipline is one of the surest signs of love. To discipline a child says you care about their character. You care about who they are, how they act and what they become.

But remember…discipline is not punishment. Discipline teaches while punishment humiliates.

6. Raise your child with healthy eating habits. Loving your child means you will teach them to care about what they put into their bodies.

7. Take care of yourself. Children need their parents. To be physically and emotionally strong, healthy and available lets your children know you love them enough to want to see them through life.

8. Praise your children. Children need praise but don’t over do it. Praise them for being strong in character, for doing well, for going the extra mile.

9. Be a living example. Show your child the kind of person you want (and hope) her to be.

10. Be honest-both with your child and with others. If your children know you to be dishonest, they will be the same.

Hold your child often

Hold your child often

11. Respect your child’s individuality. If you have your heart set on a budding concert pianist but they prefer skating or softball, allow them to be who they are meant to be.

12. Don’t compare your children to each other or to other children. To compare your child to another is to tell them you don’t love them for who they are.

13. Make your home a place of refuge. The world is a cold, cruel place – even for kids. But for a child to know they will be loved unconditionally at home is love to the maximum degree.

14. Give lots of hugs and kisses. The physical touch is essential for emotional development and the ability to bond with others. Children who are deprived of physical touch are reclusive, lack social skills and have trouble developing relationships.

15. Be available to play, answer questions (even 26 ‘why’s’ in a row), calm fears, teach patiently, dry tears and cheer them on.

16. Don’t set the bar too high. Having unrealistic expectations for your children sets them up for ‘failure’ and makes them feel like they aren’t good enough. Their best won’t always be the best. But that’s okay – and they need to know that.

17. Keep them safe. Child-proof your home for the sake of your kids. Don’t leave them in the care of someone who is unworthy to be around your child. Don’t allow them to participate in dangerous behaviors. Protection is love.

18. Raise them to be independent and capable. Holding on too tightly isn’t love – it’s selfishness. To truly love is to raise your children to go out and do the same.

19. Be loveable. A child craves the affection of their parents. To be loveable and affectionate is more than the hugs and kisses mentioned earlier. To be loveable means to have joy in your heart for life, for yourself, your family and to express that joy without reservation.

20. Let your child know you are proud and thankful to be their parent in word and deed.


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