Pregnant dog stars in doggy maternity shoot

Pregnant dog stars in doggy maternity shoot

Lilica makes history with her adorable doggy maternity shoot

Ana Paula Grillo is a talented Brazilian photographer with an impressive portfolio. Recently, she was asked to do a maternity photo shoot. This sounds like an ordinary task for a trained photographer like Grillo. However, Grillo wasn’t shooting any ordinary mommy.  The subject of this photo shoot was a pregnant dog named Lilica!

Lilica is a pinscher mix with a lot of heart and charisma, as seen from her photos. She’s close to Grillo in more ways than one, too. In fact, Lilica belongs to Grillo’s neighbor! When Grillo saw the pregnant dog, she knew she had to take the opportunity to capture the charming canine.

Before Lilica gave birth to five pups, Girllo took on the unusual task of the doggy maternity shoot. The results were awesome! Check out just how precious Lilica’s photo shoot was:

doggy 6

Photo: Ana Paula Grillo/Facebook

This pregnant pup is far from camera shy. I’d say she’s a full blown star!

doggy 2

Photo: Ana Paula Grillo/Facebook

Lilica looks like a natural! She was born to be in the spotlight.

doggy 3

Photo: Ana Paula Grillo/Facebook

This pooch is proving that maternity photo shoots aren’t just for humans! Look at that pose!

doggy 4

Photo: Ana Paula Grillo/Facebook

Lilica and her photographer friend, Ana Paula Grillo made history with this photo shoot!

doggy 5

Photo: Ana Paula Grillo/Facebook

What do you think of Lilica’s doggy photo shoot? Pretty impressive for a four legged subject!

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