Preparing for your baby: Tips and free life insurance for parents!

Preparing for your baby: Tips and free life insurance for parents!

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Newborn preparation

Prepare for you bundle of joy with these simple tips!

Preparing for your baby: Tips for moms-to-be

Welcoming a baby into the family is a joyous occasion that parents always look forward to. Despite hearing horror stories regarding late night feeding sessions and constant diaper changes, the thrill you get from holding your newborn for the first time is able to dispel whatever fears or anxiety you have.

To help calm your mom-to-be jitters, here are a few tips to help you as you enter a new chapter of your life with your little bundle of joy.

1. Sleep whenever you can

  • During your last trimester, be sure to get as much shut eye as possible. With your due date around the corner, it’s best that you keep yourself well-rested as you may never know when you’d have to pop the bun out of the oven. Staying well-rested ensures that you have enough energy needed should you suddenly go into labor.
  • After your baby’s delivery, sleep is more important than ever. Aside from having to recuperate from your normal or c-section delivery, you need enough energy to be able to breast feed and to take care of your baby. Do not try to take on more than you can handle and assign household chores to your partner or to anyone else who’s willing to help.

2. Early preparation can save you from agony

  • Make sure all the baby’s items are conveniently placed in the baby room around your 37th week of pregnancy. Diapers and wet wipes should be within reach. All those cute baby clothes should be freshly laundered and kept near the changing table.
  • Sitting down with your partner during your late pregnancy to discuss “parenting strategies” is also a very good way to avoid being overwhelmed by sudden arrival of your baby. Setting ground rules before the baby is born means that there will be a plan to stick to should things spiral out of control. The plan should include:

• An emergency contact should both you and your partner be unable to cope. This may be a close friend who is also a parent, a relative or your parents.

• Methods for you rest and recuperate. For example: your partner can file for paternal leave to tend to the baby while your rest, or if he really needs to go to the office, your partner can watch over the baby during weekends to let you sleep in.

• Coping methods when the baby refuses to sleep and/or cries constantly.

• If applicable, who should help take care of the older children in the family.

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Taking care of a newborn entails work from both mom and dad.

3. Teamwork is the key to success

It took two people to get pregnant, so it is only fair for both partners to take on the tasks of parenting. Even if your partner cannot breastfeed, he can still help in many other useful ways like rocking the baby to sleep, taking over the house chores, preparing simple meals and changing the baby.

Be sure that your partner is as active in helping your with the baby as he was making it. Delegate chores and be sure to thank him for his help as having a baby is just as rough for him as it is for you.

4. Make sure that your newborn is taken care of – No matter what.

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