VIRAL: Priest slaps baby for crying during Christening

VIRAL: Priest slaps baby for crying during Christening

In a viral video, a Catholic priest seemingly loses his temper and slaps a baby boy in front of his parents.

More and more alarming videos of children being abused by nannies or babysitters have been circulating online. However, it is uncommon to hear about clergymen hitting children, especially since they are expected to be loving and kind.

Priest Slaps Baby after Losing Temper During Christening

In a video that’s going viral, a mother holds her baby boy in front of an elderly priest. The baby’s father stood nearby. The exact date and place in which the viral video was taken is unknown.

“I’m going to put water on the forehead, and after I’ll embrace the little man, because he will have become a little Christian,” the French-speaking priest says first few seconds into the video.

However, he seems to have lost his temper when the baby boy did not stop crying after he had told him to calm down a few times. He began telling him to stop crying and to calm down with a rather loud voice.

priest slaps baby

image courtesy of Metro video

His sudden move of slapping the baby hard in the face shocked the people in the chapel. A gasp from the person filming can even be heard in the video.

The mother of the baby asked the priest to let go but he did not stop. However, the father could not stand by and do nothing while his child was being attacked.

He struggled to get his baby, but the priest refused to let go. Instead, the priest grabbed the boy by the neck.

The audience pleaded with him to stop hitting the kid, but he did not seem to care.

Fortunately the father eventually managed to grab ahold of the child.

Priest Slaps Baby: What This Teaches Parents About Controlling their Temper

Yes, parenting demands a lot from us physically, mentally, and emotionally. A crying baby sure does sound more stressful to take care of!

There are a lot of reasons why babies cry. They might be feeling hot, hungry, sleepy, or maybe their diapers need to be changed.

It gets more challenging when nothing seems to be the problem but your child continues to cry.

It is important to keep your emotions in check to avoid lashing out your frustrations to the baby. It’s okay to get angry, but remember to refrain from hitting the baby like what the priest in the video did.

Here’s What You Can Do When the Baby Won’t Stop Crying

• Keep calm. Remember that getting frustrated when your baby continues to cry is normal. Getting angry, on the other hand, will never be helpful to the situation. You need to pull yourself together to avoid anger and bad decisions.
• Be creative. You can try different ways to calm your baby. However, take note that shaking your baby can lead to consequences such as blindness, brain damage, or mental retardation.
• Seek help. Other people like your partner can take over the baby-sitting for the meantime. While they are at it, you can use the time to relax or take a nap. You need it to get energy for your next baby-sitting duty.

Remember that crying is normal for babies. Your inability to stop them does not mean that you are failing them as a parent. They are humans with their own needs and emotions. 

You can watch the full video below!

Source: Metro, Independent, Mayo Clinic

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