How to Raise the Next Ryzza Mae

How to Raise the Next Ryzza Mae

Ryzza Mae has all the makings of a star: bubbly, talented and hard-working. Read on to find out how you can foster your child's inner Ryzza Mae!


Natural Born Winner

Before Ryzza Mae Dizon became a household name in the Philippines, this little girl from Pampanga had quite a humble beginning. Raised by parents who were financially dependent on their modest sari-sari store in Angeles City, Ryzza Mae struggled to sell raffle tickets for her to enter the “Little Mutya ni Santo Niño Pampang” contest. She won this beauty pageant, and it gave her the chance to join “Little Miss Philippines” staged by GMA’s noon-time show Eat Bulaga.

She promised herself that if she won that prestigious competition, she would definitely pursue an acting career. Saddened by the loss, Ryzza Mae did not lose hope in her dream and continued praying to God. By a twist of fate, she was called back as a wild card candidate, and true to form, she won the crown! Despite being bullied by her peers because of her diminutive size, baby fat, and dark skin tone, Ryzza Mae conquered all odds by proving that perseverance, personality, talent, wit, and charm can win even the hardest of hearts.


Win from Within

To raise the next Ryzza Mae, a parent must first mentally prepare their child for the goals that they want for her. See to it that your goal aligns with your child’s. This is the most important step because children will never succeed if in their minds they are failures. Also, never force what you want upon the child because that would only lead to disappointment for you and your child.

Parents of actual stars know they’ve got a child with star potential when they see that their child’s personality is larger than life: when they grab the attention of an entire room (for the right reasons), when their presence is felt even if they don’t intend to do so, or when they exhibit talents that their peers cannot match. If your child doesn’t seem to want the goals you want for them, there’s no one stopping you from trying another time. Let a month pass before you go at it again.


Super Support

Keeping your child within a circle of loving optimistic supporters helps boost morale and confidence. In the development of a child, there is nothing more powerful than positive reinforcement. Ryzza Mae had a strong encouraging family background that made her win all those contests—her mom, dad, grandfather, friends, and neighbors all contributed to what she is today.

Hope Beyond Hope

Ryzza Mae was a hardy child, and prayer was a huge part of her character. Having lots of perseverance and belief in one’s self and in God’s grace made Ryzza Mae a more focused individual. She’s the kind of kid who’ll always go, “I’ll try and try and try again” because she believes that she is bound for success.

Along with hoping, it’s important to be a patient parent at all times. This should be applied while on the set and during long waits for a callback. You’ll definitely be the first to know if you kid’s wanted for a shoot. Whether you like it or not, you’ll be a stage parent, but try hard not show you’re one. After all, there’s only one director in a set.



Always a Star

So there you have it, future celebrity parents—align your goals with your child’s, wholly support their aspirations, and hope patiently for the best. If all else fails, remember that no matter what happens, your kid will always be a star!




All images taken from Ryzza Mae's Facebook Fan Page

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