Regine Tolentino confirms split with husband Lander Perez; draws strength from daughters

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After 18 happy years, Regine Tolentino and her husband Lander Perez have called it quits. Find out how Regine is coping with the split, here.

After 18 years of marriage, Regine Tolentino and Lander Vera-Perez have called it quits.

The separation was confirmed by Regine as reported by Rose Garcia in an article on the Philippine Entertainment Portal ( Below are details from Garcia's article.

The fitness buff and mother of two revealed that it's been a year since the separation.

She shared that the first year was the most difficult as she tried to get over her failed marriage.

"Ngayon lang, nang mag-one year na (Just now, after a year)," she said when asked if she has moved on.

"You go through all those stages, and once you've accomplished that and get over with that phase, bagong buhay na (it's a new life), new everything," she added.

Growing and falling in love with one's self

According to Regine, the separation has been good in some ways as she has learned to accept that everything happens for a reason.

"It's different in a good way," she said in the vernacular, adding, "...after 18 years, you need to grow."

"I believe everything happens for a reason, kahit gaano pa kasakit (no matter how painful), unexpected ang lahat ng nangyari (everything that happened)," she mused.

"I'm in love with my work and my children, at ngayon (and now), parang (it's like) I'm in love with myself...," she said.

The breakup also made Regine realize that nothing lasts forever. Women, she said, can be fixated on an idea that "this is it", but everything can change "in a blink of an eye."

It was a hard lesson to learn, but Regine now knows that life is short, and change can be good.

"...I realized...there is a bigger world out there, and there's so much you can do, and accomplish, and learn. Life is short, just go for it."

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Standing on her own two feet and drawing strength from her kids

Regine also shared how she and her daughters felt so lost in the beginning, and how they learned to be stronger with the help of each other.

"When at first, kaming tatlo, lost na lost kami kung papaano kami kikilos, tatlong babae lang (The three of us were so lost on how to live on, just three women)."

"And yun nga, na-prove namin na kaya pala (We proved that it can be done)," she said.

"I think mas lalo kaming tumibay, mas lalo kaming naging independent, mas lalo kaming naging solid na mag-iina (I think we've grown stronger, more independent, and our relationship as mom and daughters has become more solid)," she said.

"We have each other," she said, adding that her daughters are even stronger than her, and encourage her to relax and go out with friends.

She explained that because she enjoys being a mom, life is still exciting. They get to travel and meet new people. But, she said, there are times when sadness creeps in, especially when she sees other families.

It came as shock

According to Regine, the 18 years she had with Lander were happy. So the fact that it ended so suddenly is hard to accept.

"Okey sana kung on the rocks, pero yun nga, siguro I suppose, may mga bagay talaga na ganun (It would have been easier if it was on the rocks, but I suppose some things really happen that way)," she accepted.

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