Moms, here's the secret to having fresher and healthier skin

Moms, here's the secret to having fresher and healthier skin

For a lot of women, skincare is extremely important. And astaxanthin, an important antioxidant, is the key to keeping your skin healthy.

As a woman with endless mommy duties, it can be tough to make time for yourself. Taking care of your skin has probably become a luxury rather than the necessity it is. But mommies, please don’t make this an excuse for neglecting yourself.

Your 30s are when the earliest signs of ageing start to appear, and it’s important to take care of yourself before your skin starts showing signs of stress. The good news is that you don’t need the luxury of time to beat these pesky signs of ageing. You can remain a head-turning goddess by including the right antioxidants in your routine.

But how do you choose the right antioxidants, especially when there are so many to select from? We’ve done the hard leg-work for you, moms! The answer is the super-antioxidant astaxanthin. And there’s more good news: you can get the benefits of astaxanthin in a skin supplement.

But, what are antioxidants?” you ask

Sure, we’ve all seen and heard the word antioxidant way too many times, but what exactly are they? And how can they benefit your skin?

In our everyday lives, we are constantly bombarded by harmful, negative molecules – from pollution, chemicals, radiation, UV rays, stress and toxins in our diet – that find ways to weaken and damage the cells in our body.  These negative molecules are what we commonly identify as oxidants.

Antioxidants then are manmade or natural substances that protect and prevent our cells from damage. These are found in plants, vegetables and fruits that we consume and sometimes in topical products that we apply to our skin. These usually help reverse the negative effects of oxidants.

Out of all the different kinds of antioxidants, astaxanthin is the one responsible for helping promote collagen production. Collagen the main protein found in skin composition, and it can help slow down the ageing of skin.

How does astaxanthin benefit my skin?

1. Reduce fine lines1

Fine lines often mark the beginning of your skin’s ageing process. They are small and shallow and may be difficult to spot initially. These are often a product of repetitive movements such as squinting, smiling, laughing or frowning. The good news is that these are often the easiest to reverse.

Collagen, a protein found in skin and other parts of the body, plays an important role in promoting skin elasticity. It’s been known to promote smooth, moisturized and vibrant skin, which we associate with youth. Hence, collagen is important to fight ageing.

Antioxidants like astaxanthin stimulate the production of collagen. By doing this, dermal wrinkles and sagging are repaired. Aside from this, astaxanthin also improves the moisture retention capacity of skin surface cells.

The increase in collagen then further helps with maintaining the elasticity of the skin, resulting in smooth, firm and hydrated skin. Astaxanthin also helps to stimulate continuous production of collagen in the skin.7

2. Lighten dark spots3

Age spots, or discoloration and dark spots in your skin, develop as a result of excess production of melanin or skin pigment and reflect as flat brown, grey or black spots on your skin. You are most likely to find age spots on areas of your skin that receive the most sun exposure.

Astaxanthin can help reduce melanin production by about 40 percent which then diminishes pigmentation on the skin. It also acts as an internal sunscreen, penetrating the cells and reducing UVA damage to prevent further pigmentation.


Tell me more about astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a naturally-occurring red pigment that gives some marine organisms their bright red colour. Scientists and nutritionists have found that it's one of the most potent antioxidants found in nature, and is also called the king of antioxidants.5

It is reported to be 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C, 550 times stronger than green tea catechins, and at least 20 times stronger than other carotenoids.6

Unlike other antioxidants that tend to deplete over time and in turn becomes oxidants, astaxanthin never becomes an oxidant and takes time before leaving your system.

In short, astaxanthin stays in your system for longer periods of time and works faster compared to other antioxidants.

Great! Now, where can I find this super ingredient?

Incorporating something as powerful as astaxanthin is simple and stress-free. You just need to head to your nearest drugstore and purchase a box of Myra Ultimate. It's is filled with essential ingredients such as astaxanthin, lycopene and vitamin E.

Taking care of yourself does not need to be a tiresome procedure. Incorporate the right supplements in your diet and the next time you look in the mirror, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Myra Ultimate is now available in leading drugstores nationwide at P20 SRP.


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