WATCH: Ryzza Mae Dizon shares workout Video To Inspire Others!

WATCH: Ryzza Mae Dizon shares workout Video To Inspire Others!

The adorable kid wonder/TV host continues to inspire her fans of all ages with her bubbly personality and her positive outlook on life!

Ryzza Mae first won the public's hearts as the winner of Eat Bulaga's Little Miss Philippines in 2012. Soon, the lovable "aling maliit" became a mainstay of the long-running variety show. Her quick wit, sunny demeanor, and her ability to spar with the country's top comedians catapulted her to stardom, spawning her very own talk show.

She's inspired many viewers with her rise to fame, from her humble beginnings in her hometown of Pampanga to becoming a household name. Though she's achieved much success at a young age, she remains the bubbly, talented, and humble girl we first fell in love with. She also radiates positivity.

In her latest Instagram post, we see that she's getting ready for a  new transformation into a healthier lifestyle, and she's inspiring her 280,000 followers to do the same.

The 12-year-old shared a post-jogging photo with her mom on Instagram.

After Jogging po kami Magpicture-picture naman!! ❤❤❤

A photo posted by Ryzza Mae Dizon (@ryzzamaedizon_) on

"Hello po, mga dabarkads. Good morning po. Yehey, ‘eto po ngayon, nagdya-jogging po ako. Gumising po akong maaga para mag-jogging kasi para healthy tayo," she says in a clip, presumably shot by her mom Rissa. "Kayo din po mag-jogging na. Tara."

She achieved fame by simply being herself, not allowing being bullied for her looks or weight get in her way. Even if it she's started to exercise regularly, she's doing so not to simply slim down but to be healthier. Most importantly, she's inspiring others to live healthier lifestyles, too!

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