Saab Magalona introduces her son on social media

Saab Magalona introduces her son on social media

Saab Magalona took to Instagram to share photos of her newborn son, Pancho Gerardo. Sadly, Pancho's twin sister died soon after being born.

Actress, singer, and blogger Saab Magalona shared photos of her baby boy, Pancho Gerardo, on Instagram.  She also revealed the name she gave to her daughter, who sadly passed away soon after being born.

Saab Magalona will soon take her son home!

Saab shared that her son Pancho Gerardo will be able to come home. This was after her son was taken to the NICU where he underwent an operation due to a number of complications.

Check out her Instagram post below:

On April 1st, Saab shared another photo on Instagram. This time her son can be seen wrapped up in a blanket and smiling happily.

It's a bittersweet moment for the couple

Both Saab and her husband Jim are thankful that they're finally able to bring home their son. However,  it still feels bittersweet for the couple since they lost their daughter.

Saab posted a photo of their daughter's grave, and captioned it with "Oh, my love, we’ll keep on dreaming ?☺️"

In spite of their loss, Saab is still doing her best to stay positive. In her blog, she wrote, "I am still alive, I have a strong and loving husband, and God has shown us so many miracles through our little boy." She also added on her blog post that she herself was in and out of the ICU along with her newborn son.

She has also donated over 100 bags of her breastmilk to the Human Milk Bank, adding that helping other moms helps her cope with the loss of her daughter.


Source: Rappler

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