Saab Magalona is pregnant with twins!

Saab Magalona is pregnant with twins!

The 28-year-old is expecting her first baby with husband, musician Jim Bacarro!

Singer, blogger, and entrepreneur Saab Magalona will soon add mom to her many roles! In a blog post published on September 29, the 28-year-old shared the happy news that she and husband Jim Bacarro are expecting their first baby!

"Out of all the great things we’ve done in our married lives, I think the greatest thing Jim and I have ever done is… we made a baby," revealed Saab after recounting all the wonderful things and places they got to experience in nearly three years of marriage. In that time, the couple also established two emerging businesses together.

New York, ILY

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"Or two," she writes in closing. Her sister Maxene shared on instagram that they are indeed, but we'll have to wait for the confirmation! "Guess who won't be drinking at my wedding?" writes Maxene alongside a clip of them popping open a bottle of champagne. "Congratulations to my "twin" sister Saab and her husband Jim! Saab is pregnant with twins!"

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"Yes, we are having TWO!"

"Yes, we are having TWO!" she said on Instagram, sharing a photo of her first ultrasound result. "This is a scan from our very first ultrasound. Now they are much bigger and I can see their heads and arms and legs -- my goodness I still can't believe there are 2 human beings inside me. I haven't updated my blog in so long because I felt guilty keeping a big fat secret from everyone! I will tell you all about this unexpected yet exciting chapter in our lives just as soon as I get over this very (sleepy) first trimester."

Saab has always been a believer in waiting until the perfect time to welcome a new addition to their family.

"According to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average time between tying the knot and having kids in the United States is about 3 years. So maybe it’s not such an absurd thing to wait," she explained in an interview with GMA news back in 2016. "To me, having a baby is not just cutesy baby photos and sweet, sweet kisses from my little siopao-cheeked child. To everybody who has asked me when I plan to have a baby, I know you’re just excited and I really appreciate your show of support. Jim and I are still not trying to have children. It’s a choice we both made and I respect other couples for choosing to have kids right after marriage, too."

Now the wait is over for their family, friends, and fans!

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