Safety tips for women: Mom almost raped while on vacation

Safety tips for women: Mom almost raped while on vacation

A mom vacationing with her kids says she escaped being raped...

We just came across the most appalling news.

A young mom who was holidaying with her kids in Langkawi almost got raped.

The incident happened on November 29, at around 7:20 am (yes, in broad daylight) at a resort in Padang Matsirat.

Mommy Celia Yan later shared her horrific ordeal on Facebook (the post has now been removed).

Apparently, that morning, she was getting ready for a jog, while her 8-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter were still in bed. That’s when she noticed something suspicious in the living room.

In Celia’s words, “I noticed a black shadow behind the glass panel”. She asked, ‘Who are you?” 

Safety tips for women: Mom almost raped while on vacation


To her horror, a shirtless man appeared. He jumped on her and pushed her on to the bed.

“I started to scream like hell and struggle. He covered my mouth and asked me to stop screaming. I asked him, “What do you want? You want money?”

“He replied ‘I want you.'”

Mommy Celia sprung into action. She screamed for help and managed to punch the creep, so much that his nose started bleeding.

Perhaps fearing defeat, the man pushed her into the bathroom, closed the door and fled.

By this time, the little kids were awake and up in bed, in shock, and unable to comprehend what had happened.

Safety tips for women: Mom almost raped while on vacation


This brave mom wasted no time; she informed the hotel reception and checked out from the resort at 8:30 am. Not before packing the blood-stained bed sheet though. She soon made a police report and submitted the sheet as evidence.

She thinks her assailant looked remarkably similar to the hotel’s buggy driver.

According to The Star Online, a 17-year-old suspect has been arrested, and investigations are ongoing.

Mommy Celia is grateful that she managed to come out of the whole experience unscathed,

“I was safe with no injury no bruise or scratches on me. I guess I really fight hard. The benefits of training hard for these 2 years. I am strong.”

Dear moms, this incident is a stark reminder of the dangers we women face in today’s world.

We are glad that Celia was able to escape from her attack unharmed. We wonder what we would have done in a similar horror situation. The thought is disturbing to say the least.

It is a fact that physically, women are the weaker sex, which is why they have long been targets of violence.

That’s also why it is important for women to equip themselves with self-defence skills. Moms, do take note of these safety tips for women:

1. Be aware of your surroundings

Focus on where you are, and who is around you. Avoid being too engrossed in your phone or music, especially when outside.

When travelling abroad, do your research. Only book hotels or apartments which have a LOT of good reviews. Also, read about the neighborhood and what areas are unsafe.

2. Watch your body language

Apparently, your body language is a good indicator of your personality.

Predators look out for victims, so don’t act like one. Walking with your head down or your shoulders slumped is a NO.

Be confident and walk with your head held high. Watch your posture, look around and pay attention to what’s going on in your environment. Make eye contact with people. Be aware and focussed and train your ears to listen.

3. Your voice is a weapon

Your voice is a natural defense mechanism, so use it to your advantage. In case of trouble, scream and let people know that you are being attacked. This will also let the attacker know you that are not a target who will go quietly.

4. Run when you can

 Don’t aim to defeat your attacker at the very onset. If you see attackers coming towards you and you have enough time, you want to run because avoidance is the best defense.

When you have a chance, run for your life (run zigzag), screaming as loudly as you can.

5. These everyday objects can come handy

 Keys can be used as a sharp weapon, the phone’s flashlight can serve as a good blinding device. Sprays can temporarily hurt or blind, and give you the time to escape.

6. Know where to hit

If there’s no other way to escape and you really need to hit, be the first to hit. That makes you the hunter as opposed to the hunted.

It helps to hit where it hurts the most. Remember these weak spots – groin, eyes, nose, throat and knees.

Impairing the attacker’s vision would get you some time to escape.

7. If the attacker grabs your hand

This is what experts recommend:

  • Grab your fist with your opposite hand.
  • Point your elbow upwards.
  • Strike downwards and away from attacker using your core strength.

8. If the attacker grabs from behind 

If someone grabs you from behind, arms and all, and you don’t have any other weapons, use the only weapon you have – your head.

Throw your head behind to hit him in the nose. The impact should break the hold. Use the time to hit him in the groin where it hurts the most.

We hope these tips have been helpful. Stay safe, mommies!


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(Source: The Star Online, The Independent)

Republished with permission from: theAsianParent Singapore


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