Saying 'no' to your kids can help them learn a very important lesson

Parents want to give their kids everything, but saying 'no' can teach them a lifelong lesson that they would carry to adulthood.

It's pretty common to see parents, especially nowadays, giving in to all of their kids' whims. If they want a certain toy, they'll buy it for their kid, or if their kid doesn't like the food that's served in front of them, they go out of their way to look for something that their kid will eat.

While it's normal for parents to do these things, especially since they don't want their kids to feel neglected or uncared for, it's important for parents to teach their kids the importance of saying 'no'.

Why is saying 'no' important?

There are 2 important reasons why teaching your kids to say 'no' is important.

First, saying 'no' to your kids means that you're telling them you're the parent, and you're the one that makes the decisions. It's a way of asserting your authority as a parent, and teaching your child that sometimes, they don't always get what they want; which is an important lesson to learn in life.

Saying 'no' teaches your kids that they need to wait, or that the thing that they want might not actually be something important, such as the case when it comes to 'fad' or trendy toys. It might just be something that they want because their friends have it, not because they're interested in it.

It's a way of raising your children to not be entitled, so that they don't feel like the world owes them anything. It also teaches them to become more resilient, and understand that it takes effort to get the things what they want, and not simply asking people to give them things.

It might be hard for you to say no to your child, since the look of disappointment on their face when you say no can be heartbreaking, but it's what's best for them.

'No' teaches a lifelong lesson to your kids

Saying 'no' to your kids also teaches them that it's okay to say no, especially when people ask them to do things that they don't want to. Making them understand that they're the ones who are in control of any situation helps them say 'no' to bad people, and lets them avoid trouble.

It also teaches them to understand their limits, and lets them know that sometimes, saying no, and walking away is a better decision than always mindlessly saying yes.

Teaching your kids to say no to things that they don't think are safe, or are particularly helpful for them puts them in control and makes them more responsible in life.

A good example would be if they're already in college, and studying for an exam. If a classmate tells your child to stop studying and go out with them instead, then there's a high probability that they might fail their exam. However, if you teach your kids to say no, and let make them understand that they have responsibilities, chances are, they'll focus on studying first, and would most likely say no if their friends ask them to go out.

It's in these sorts of situations that your child will appreciate the fact that you didn't spoil them as a child, but taught them to be more responsible instead. They might hate you right now, but once they've grown up, they'll love you more for it.


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