LOOK: Scarlet Snow is a Miss Universe in the making!

LOOK: Scarlet Snow is a Miss Universe in the making!

She definitely wins the crown for being the most adorable celebri-tot!

Many Pinoy pageant fans are still reeling from the result of Miss Universe, where the Philippines own Maxine Medina placed in the Top 6. There has been a lot of debate about her performance, some lauded how she stood out in the preliminary competition, while many others criticized her poor performance in the top 6 Q&A round.

But what we can all agree on is that Scarlet Snow Belo can lighten even the most tense moments.

Clad in adorable mini-Terno, the little tot encouraged support for Maxine just as the Miss Universe 2016 coronation was airing on Sunday, January 30.

While toddlers her age are just learning to run, Scarlet is way ahead of them because she's already learning to strut like a beauty queen!

I think @maxine_medina should give @scarletsnowbelo lessons on how to walk like a beauty queen.

A video posted by Vicki Belo, M.D. (@victoria_belo) on

Vicki Belo shared another photo of the adorable Scarlet channeling the Philippines' first Miss Universe Gloria Diaz, complete with a red cape, scepter, sash, and crown reminiscent of Gloria's winning look in 1969.

"Daddy and mommy love you so much (Scarlet). You will always be our Ms. Universe," wrote the proud mom.

Daddy and mommy love you so much @scarletsnowbelo. You will always be our Ms. Universe

A photo posted by Vicki Belo, M.D. (@victoria_belo) on

LOOK: Scarlet Snow and Baby Zia’s super cute playdate!

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