HBO GO - Kids will love it. So will you!

HBO GO - Kids will love it. So will you!

Streaming video with HBO’s kids’ shows and movies? It’s not even Christmas yet! With HBO GO, your kids can get their favourite HBO content anytime, anywhere.

With the HBO GO app’s new kids’ content segment, there’s now something for everyone in your family. The kids’ segment in the app chooses only age-appropriate content that adds value to your child’s development — and keeps them awesomely entertained!

As part of HBO Asia’s commitment to provide quality content and programmes to viewers of all ages, the addition of these new family-friendly content – from animated series to children’s puppet series, as well as educational live action series – will be available to viewers, both young and old, at their convenience anytime on HBO GO.

As parents, we only want what’s good for our children. This applies to all aspects of their lives, from the food we place on the table to what they watch on TV and digital devices. But when it comes to choosing the best that our tech-obsessed world has to offer, parents may have some concerns...

How can we choose age-appropriate content for our little ones that is fun and educational? How can we make sure that what they watch is safe? And with the sea of  bad TV shows and movies out there, how do we know it’s safe for our children to watch?

Mums and dads, you can stop worrying right now!

Movies and kids' series on HBO GO – a whole lot of choices for the whole family

HBO GO streams your favourite movies and TV shows, whether you’re at home or out and about. Now, families just like yours will get even more options with HBO GO’s new kids’ content segment.

series on hbo go

Along with firm favourites like Sesame Street, your little ones will get to enjoy exclusive, award-winning shows that you can’t find anywhere else. And with so much kid-friendly content to choose from, the HBO GO app is one of the best ways to break your child’s habit of watching the same thing every day!

Over 700 new episodes, from classics to trending favourites

There are more than 700 episodes from all-time favourite programmes launching this Saturday, December 1.

series on hbo go

On top of the list are new programmes coming to HBO GO, and there’s something for every kid. There’s Adventure Time.

series on hbo go

Ben 10: Omniverse, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Steven Universe,

series on hbo go

The Powerpuff Girls (still the best!),

series on hbo go

We Bare Bears, Regular Show, and Dexter’s Laboratory. We’re sure these shows will be on the top of your kids’ lists too!

Parents who grew up on Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock will also have a chance to introduce these educational classics to their kids. Or they can just take a nostalgia trip on their own.

Easy access to all the best shows

Giving your kids access to this amazing content is equally simple.

If your child shares a device with you, head over to HBO GO’s kids’ segment for specially chosen content for your little ones.

If your little ones use their own device, simply download the app directly on their tablet or smartphone and log into your account from there.

Mums and dads, you can also rest assured that all content in the kids’ segment is perfectly safe for your little ones to enjoy.

Safety features for worry-free watching

One of the biggest issues parents have with giving their kids screen time, is filtering it. After all, you can’t be present at all times to keep an eye on what they’re watching.

That’s why HBO GO has installed safety features within the app that acts as a way for you to “sift” the shows and movies that your child can watch.

All you need to do is choose the age bracket of your child and enter the type of content you want to filter out. Once you do this, your little one can only access shows that are age-appropriate. Don’t worry — there will still be plenty of stimulating and entertaining content for them to watch, no matter how old (or young!) they are.

Download HBO GO Now!

There’s no doubt that HBO GO has family firmly in mind. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and there’s worry-free screen-time for little ones, making the app a truly family-friendly entertainment option.

With the HBO GO app, they’ve really thought of everything. No internet when you’re out and about? No problem! HBO GO gives subscribers the flexibility of catching their favorite blockbuster movies and HBO Original programmes with the download capability available on the app.

Or you can always watch HBO live and in real time. HBO GO includes the Live TV streaming capability where all HBO Asia’s channels – HBO HD, HBO Hits, HBO Family, HBO Signature, Cinemax* and Red by HBO** – will be available for viewing anytime, anywhere.

Head down to to download the HBO GO app for free now, and get ready for hours of streaming content for the whole family to enjoy and love.


*Only available in HBO GO Hong Kong and Indonesia

**Only available in HBO GO Philippines and Indonesia

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