Are you settling when it comes to your family's milk?

Are you settling when it comes to your family's milk?

Before serving up a glass of milk to your family, it’s best to check the ingredients and figure out for yourself if your current milk is doing you and your family the good you want it to.

A glass of milk is a sure way to keep your whole family healthy and strong. It’s one of the best sources of calcium and protein, and it contains a great deal of good fats.

But milks are not made the same way. In fact, there are several kinds of milk to choose from, and it’s up to you to figure out which one will suit your family best. Here are the ones you usually find in the supermarket:

1. Full Cream Milk Powder (Whole Milk Powder)

Full cream milk is also called “Whole Milk” because it’s made up of 95% milk solids and just 5% water, which means that your family is getting all the nutrients that milk is able to provide, without any add-ons.

2. Filled Milk Powder

This is usually a combination of skimmed milk, buttermilk and lactose. This contains vegetable oil used to substitute milk fat.

3. UHT / Sterilized Milk

UHT stands for Ultra High Treatment, which means that the milk has been heated or pasteurized at a high temperature for a few seconds. It’s one of the most common kinds of milk.

4. Recombined / Reconstituted milk

Reconstituted milk is what you get when water is added to powdered milk. If you add water and milk fat to powdered milk, you end up with recombined milk.

5. Low fat milk

The milk fat has been reduced to 1% or 2%. This has slightly higher fat content than skimmed milk.

6. Non-fat milk

Also known as skimmed milk, non-fat milk’s milk fat has been reduced to not less than 0.50%.


Who knew that some milk actually had less milk than you thought? Your family deserves all the nutrients and benefits that whole milk fully gives.

Benefits of Whole Milk

1. Gives a big boost of energy!

Drinking milk takes a few minutes, but with those few minutes you’re drinking up so many benefits, which includes immunity from sicknesses, and Vitamin B Complex, which is a big source of energy.

2. Best source of calcium

Milk is known to be a great, if not the best, source of calcium. Compared to other dairy sources such as cheese or butter, whole milk reigns supreme when it comes to calcium being absorbed the quickest and best way possible.

3. No vegetable oil, just good fat.

Some milk brands try to recreate the creamy, rich taste that comes with drinking whole milk by adding oil into the mix; but if you’ve had a taste of the real thing, you can really tell the difference. Only natural milk fat found in whole milk can give that distinct milk taste that is almost silky smooth.

4. Contains vitamins and minerals

Anchor Milk Powder is fortified with Vitamins A, D, E, K, B Complex, and Iron, making it easy for your family to drink up health, wellbeing, and what they’ll need for their proper development, all in one go!

Milk is an essential part of your family’s everyday diet, and choosing your milk should not be taken lightly. So the next time you reach for your usual carton of milk, give it a quick check to see if you’re giving your family the milk that they need and deserve – aka the real deal, 100% whole milk, and nothing but.

Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder is made of 95% milk solids, fortified with vitamins and minerals, and comes from Fonterra, the most trusted milk source in New Zealand. Anchor has been providing natural dairy goodness for children and family for many years. And it just doesn’t come from whole milk—it can be found in all Anchor products like butter, cheese, and creams. Don’t just read the label—taste the difference yourself.

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