Controversial sex ed books for preschoolers divides parents

Controversial sex ed books for preschoolers divides parents

Find out why these controversial sex ed books for preschoolers have some parents supporting the book, while others wish to get it removed from store shelves.

For a lot of parents, talking about sex to their kids is a touchy subject. That’s why a lot of moms and dads were up in arms when these controversial sex ed books for preschoolers were published.

However, some parents were all for the book. They see it as a good way to teach their kids about sex.

But what exactly makes this specific book a point of contention for parents?

Are you for or against these sex ed books for preschoolers?

The book, entitled The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made was written by author Fiona Katauskas.

Kmart in Australia sells the books, and they are located in the children’s section, which surprised a lot of moms and dads.

One of the main problems that some parents have pointed out is the graphic nature of the illustrations.

sex ed books for preschoolers

Here’s one of the illustrations inside the book. | Source: Facebook

The book described the act of sexual intercourse as sort of a “jigsaw puzzle.” It also contains detailed explanations and depictions of couples having sex.

sex ed books for preschoolers

Some parents have called the book “unacceptable” and others have even compared it to pornography.

Some parents support the book

On the other hand, some comments online have shown support for the book. They have also praised it for being straightforward, and easy to understand.

One person commented, “Oh it’s obviously for parents who are awkward about telling kids the truth and need help explaining. It’s not for light reading, and anyone who gets mad at KMART needs to take a long hard look at themselves because your kid can’t waltz into a store and buy something if you are actually paying attention to where it is at all times like a parent should.”

Another wrote, “It’s a factual book to help parents teach their kids about where babies come from.”

What does the author have to say?

According to the author, Fiona Katauskas, she decided to create a book after her eldest son asked her about where babies come from.

She was frustrated since she wasn’t able to find good sex ed books for preschoolers, so she wrote one herself.

Fiona added that the topic can be terrifying, especially for new moms and dads, so she added a “hefty dose of humour” to help make it lighter.

At the end of the day, the important thing for moms and dads to remember is that it’s important to always be honest with their child, especially when it comes to sex.

All parents know what’s best for their kids, and what approach fits their parenting style best. So it’s important to look for resources that will help you achieve your goal. It’s all about finding what works for you, and sticking to it.


Photos: Facebook

Source: Independent

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