Pizza Party: Shakey's party package, Pizza Hut party package

Pizza Party: Shakey's party package, Pizza Hut party package

Celebrating your kid's birthday soon? Check out everything you need to know about the Shakey's party package and don't stress yourself out.

Thinking of having a pizza party? Here are party packages from Shakey's and Pizza Hut!

Shakey's party package: Here's what you need to know

There's no doubt that kids absolutely love eating pizza. More so if they get to eat delicious fried chicken, and mojos just like in Shakey's. If your child is a pizza lover, then he will absolutely enjoy having a pizza-mazing party in Shakey's! However, you'll still have to know how much you'll spend on a Shakey's party package, so that you can prepare your budget well. 

That's why we created a handy guide to help you get everything sorted out!

How much is party fee?

Party fees for the Shakey's party package would depend of the number of people you'll invite. They also have 2 varieties for your party: the consumable party package and the junior pizza party package.

Consumable party package

Here are the different consumable party packages Shakey's is offering:

  • 30 pax - P17,000
  • 50 pax - P21,000
  • 70 pax - P28,000

All these different packages comes with a host, mascot, games, balloons, prizes, foods & drinks. They also have a birthday gift for the celebrant that comes when you book a party package.

Junior pizza party package

If you're up for something different for your kid's party, you could check this one out. For P17,000 you'll get a unique party with the following:

  • 6 Large thin crust pizzas
  • 36 pcs Chicken 'n' mojos
  • 3 Classic spaghetti platters
  • 3 Carbonarra supreme platters
  • 6 Loaves of garlic bread
  • 20 Kimy ice creams
  • 9 Pitchers of house blend iced tea
  • 20 Pizza making kits
  • 20 Balloons
  • 20 Invitation cards
  • 20 Aprons
  • 20 Party hats


Venue sizes depends on the size of the branch. There are some branches that can accommodate 30 pax while some 70 pax. There are even a few that have multiple party rooms so they could fit more than a hundred guests at the same time. Do check out the capacity of the party room of the branch you have your eye on if they have enough space for your party. Also, with the party fee, you'll have the venue for 2 hours but exceeding that would cost P1,000 per additional hour.

Themes & mascots

Shakey's currently has just one party theme. It's the brand's own Captain Shakey's and the Wow Squad. This entitles you to a free mascot appearance where you can choose from Captain Shakey's, Suzy, Henny or Zappy. If you can't get enough of just one mascot and would like to add more, you can get other characters for just P999.


The quantity of the food would depend on the number of guests you'll be having. The food is served in a buffet table so your guests would have a choice which ones to binge on. Payment for these are included in the party fee so you won't have to shell out anymore money. The food inclusions for 30 pax are as follows:

  • 1 Giant pizza
  • 6 Large thin crust pizza
  • 6 Pasta platter (Spaghetti & Carbonara)
  • 36 Chicken 'n' mojos
  • 6 Loaves of garlic bread
  • 6 Pitchers of house blend iced tea
  • 20 Ice cream

You may bring outside food for the guests but a corkage fee of P1,000 per dish would be charged.

Games & prizes

The host already has a line-up of games they could play in your party. You could also ask them to come up with games if, let's say, there are mostly adults in your children's party. The prizes, as said above, are included in the party fee.


Shakey's doesn't have a free cake for the party but they can point you towards their trusted suppliers. With these, you would have less hassle and just be excited. You could also choose to bring your own cake but please note that it could only be used for candle blowing.


Nowadays, parties wouldn't be complete without party booths. These are the magicians, bubble shows, face painting, candy buffets, chocolate fountain, balloon arrangement, photobooth, balloon twisting, kiddie salon, and photo and video coverage. Luckily, to help you out, your chosen branch would have  ready list of suppliers for whichever you would need. All you'll have to do is ask your party planner.

If you would choose to bring your own supplier, just coordinate with your party planner for the additional cost it would incur.

With their all-in party packages, you wouldn't need to compute for anything else. Enjoy and have fun in your pizza-mazing birthday celebration. If you have any further questions about the Shakey's party packages, you could inquire here.

Pizza Hut party package

Who doesn't love a good pan pizza with stuffed crust? The Pizza Hut party package is a good option for hassle-free party-planning!

Themes: Racing Car and Fairy Land Party

Party Fee: P2,500.00

Food Package starts as low as P149.00 that includes: Slice of Family Hawaiian Pan Pizza, Spaghetti with Meat sauce and a Glass of Pepsi with minimum of 30 pax requirement.

Party Package includes: 30 Invitation Cards, 30 Placemats, 30 Party Hats, 30 Party Balloons, 30 Name Tags, 30 Thank You Cards, Guest Folder, 30 Loot Bags (which contains: memo pad, activity book and memory card)

Plus FREE: Birthday cake, mascot appearance, party host/hostess, birthday gift for the celebrator and game prizes (5 puzzles, 5 keychains, 3 coinbanks, 3 memory cards)

Check the nearest store for more info.


Source: Shakey's Tomas Morato

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