TAPfluencer Spotlight: Sheena loves sunsets... and motherhood, and homeschooling, too!

TAPfluencer Spotlight: Sheena loves sunsets... and motherhood, and homeschooling, too!

Let us take a glance on how her love for the sunsets sets Sheena Gonzales apart from other creative, wandering minds out there, having become part of The Asian Parents’ “TAPfluencers” across Asia.

Sheena Gonzales—an illustrator, a designer, a travel writer, and a blogger—is the wandering, creative mind behind the travel and lifestyle website Sheena Loves Sunsets. But most of all, she is a blissful wife and a mom with two kids.

Sheena Gonzales on her passionate journey to write

As theAsianparent-Philippines got in touch with this amazing woman, we barely imagine how meticulously Sheena, 31, manages her daily routines with her two kids around. Having been able to sneak us in her schedule, Sheena recalled about how her passion for travel and writing together has always been close to heart since the early years.

“It has always been a childhood dream to work as a travel writer. Now, as a freelance travel writer, I not only get to do things that I love (travel, taking photos and writing) but it also gives me the time and freedom to be hands-on with my kids.”

As Sheena puts it, through her websites and social media accounts, she writes for the reason to share her adventures touring around the world. It always goes with an emphasis on God's unwavering works in her life.

Thus, it’s a personal goal for her “to inspire families to go see the beauty of God’s creations first hand[.] So that in the process, they will stand in awe of God’s majesty and praise Him alone (that includes the little ones!).” It comes especially true now that she is a wife and a mom of her very own family.

Sheena loves sunsets: From international travels to homeschooling

Sheena Loves Sunsets surely has expanded its horizon from a travel website of personal adventures and unique experiences with over 27 countries she has been to, now as to traveling with kids, and even better with its newest addition: homeschooling.

“[…] homeschooling fits our lifestyle as a family. I get to bring them anywhere and they also get to learn from these experiences. The world is their classroom and their playground,” words by Sheena herself.

Homeschooling may not be the “trend,” and might even be unknown yet by many, but notably has been gaining more attention lately. Readers might want to get inspirations and ideas from these few of her entries to the homeschooling side of her blog:

Browsing through plenty of titles in her blog will not give anyone a hard time to find which one to read first and so which follows. The list goes on and so are you as equally having an easy digest but meaningful reading encounter.

Make sure you don’t miss the blog’s sharing of unique experiences, traveling tips of especially with kids, and momentous homeschooling journey of her and the kids. Have a memorable tour at her blog.

Also, find more about her through photos and series at her Instagram, plus, at Pinterest as she pins to the wall her work of graphic arts and designs.


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Sources: Communications with Ms. Sheena Gonzales herself; with additional information gathered from her very own Sheena Loves Sunsets website, LinkedIn, and Sheena Loves Sunsets Facebook page.

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