7 Skills you've mastered after one year of motherhood

7 Skills you've mastered after one year of motherhood

Ranging from practical to hilariously accurate, these are the 7 skills you've probably mastered after your first year of motherhood!

Moms, if you're reading this, then congratulations: YOU'VE DONE IT!

You managed to endure your first year of motherhood! Along the way, there were ups and downs, there was laughing, and crying; and there was a whole lotta learning!

These newly acquired skills and life lessons are incredibly valuable, and you don't need to be shy about acquiring them, moms! You should flaunt them and share them with the world. That being said, let's take a look at some these procured talents you've attained in the past year:

1. Preparing iced coffee

Coffee (a.k.a. "Mommy's go-go juice") is probably what fueled your first year of motherhood. As a result, you've probably mastered the art of prepping the best iced coffee money can buy. In case you need a recap, here's how it's done. Brew a fresh pot of coffee and pour yourself a mug. Leave that mug on the counter and tend to your crying baby for x amount of time. When you return, your coffee will be frigid and chilled. Better than Starbucks, am I right?

7 Skills you've mastered after one year of motherhood

2. How to change a diaper without getting dirty

Just kidding. There's no way you managed to master this skill int he first year of motherhood, because it's not possible. They don't call it dirty work for nothing, moms!


3. Making mom friends

Believe it or not, having a baby of your own is an incredible icebreaker when meeting fellow mommies. Finding fellow mommies is always a cinch, and forming bonds with those acquaintances is always pretty easy. Just schedule playdates with fellow moms and their babies, or join maternity groups, or mom clubs. Making mom friends is pretty easy with baby by your side.

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4. How to sport post-baby body outfits

At first, nothing's gonna fit. It's only natural. So, you probably picked up a few skills when it comes to picking out the perfect (and most comfortable) outfits for your pos-baby body. No need to rush into your pre-baby outfits anyway!


5. How to balance work and taking care of a baby

Whether you commute to work, work from home, or your work is  your home, you've undoubtedly learned the incredible ability to balance your daily tasks and taking care of your baby. Moms are the best multitaskers, but that doesn't mean you didn't have to practice typing up documents on your laptop while burping a baby, or vacuuming the floor while nursing your child. That, as mothers know, is a learned skill that takes training.

skills you've mastered after one year of motherhood

6. How to politely tell people you don't want or need their advice

Whenever someone who isn't a doctor, specialist, or tenured parent offers advice, you don't have to heed their words. In fact, you've probably learned the trick of letting their words go in one ear and right out of the other. The trick is to smile, nod your head, and add in the occasional, "Mmhmm." They'll feel as though they helped, and you won't have to comprehend their useless noise. Everyone wins!


7. Prepping the perfect meal for hubby

The trick is to get take-out, or order-in while you enjoy a nice relaxing bath, or catnap. What? It's still food! And after all, moms need breaks!

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