Sleeping in THIS position during pregnancy can save your baby's life!

Sleeping in THIS position during pregnancy can save your baby's life!

According to experts, sleeping in this position during pregnancy helps prevent blocking the flow of blood from the mother to the baby.

A recently released research in the UK, points out how the sleeping-on-the-back position during pregnancy puts the baby twice as much in danger of a stillbirth.

When one is pregnant there are a number of things that one takes care of. But there may be one aspect that many mothers-to-be may not think about and that remains how sleeping on the back may adversely affect the baby in the womb. According to statistics around one percent of pregnancies result in stillbirth. Ironically the awareness of what causes stillbirth remains even rarer. So how can changing your sleeping position while pregnant help prevent stillbirth?

Sleep position during pregnancy

The study that is published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, was conducted on 1,000 women out of which 291 women had experienced a stillbirth while 733 had a live birth. The new study established that sleeping on the side reduces the chances of a stillbirth significantly.

Do not panic

Sleeping in THIS position during pregnancy can help save your baby's life

Sleeping in THIS position during pregnancy can help save your baby’s life

However, the doctors tell that women should not start panicking about the positions they may unknowingly change during their night sleep.

What women should keep in mind is the position they take when they are about to sleep. While sleeping in the night, if women wake up they should go back to the side-sleeping posture.

Sleeping on the left side

Many women confirm that gynaecologists, advise them to sleep on their left side after the second trimester. According to experts this position and helps prevent blocking blood flow to the baby.

Many old wives’ tales in India also comprise instructions such as how women should sleep on the left sides and for ages women have been following this practice even though they may not know the real reason behind it.

But don’t stress

However, sleep experts advise that women should not start stressing or losing sleep over the fact how they sleep. Some women have complained that the fear of changing positions prevents them from getting a sound sleep in the night.

A necessity for pregnant women to help them feel relaxed. A good idea can be to use a body pillow and position yourself comfortably towards the left. If you change positions during the night do not fret.

Also if you get up in the middle of the night for those loo breaks do not feel disturbed. Getting up in the night gives you a chance to change your position back to the left side.

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Republished with permission from The Indus Parent.

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