15 smart parenting tips to raise good kids

15 smart parenting tips to raise good kids

Just about everyone would agree that parenting is not an easy job. A parent can’t just focus on one area of life and expect that the other areas would go by without a hitch. You also have to consider that from all the parenting advises you get, there would be some that would go against one another. Luckily, we have compiled the smart parenting tips so that you won’t ger overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Check out the 15 smart parenting tips in raising good kids!


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1. Understand their actions

Always remember to look at why a kid did something he did. As they are still kids, they usually don’t know that what they’re doing is wrong. It could be that they just wanted to touch their little brother/sister but didn’t realize they were being too rough. It’s never good to immediately jump into conclusions.

2. Give them respect

Just because kids are still young, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect as much as adults would get. Another smart parenting tip is to give your children the respect that you would give to any other adult. Be careful with your tone of voice because even if they operate on a different level, they are still a whole different person.

3. Accept your kid’s temperament

You may have an extrovert or introvert child and this may go with or clash with your personality. That being said, we must learn how to embrace their personality being part of them as a person. Instead of seeing their being strong willed as a bad thing, look at it as a positive trait that they have the desire to assert themselves. As they grow older, you can gradually change their negative personality traits for the better.

4. Teach them about their emotions

Kids have no idea what emotions they may be feeling. It would do good for children to learn the words for the emotions that they could feel. This is the first part of getting rid of those tantrums. If the kids know what they’re feeling you could discuss to them what they could do to manage these emotions.

5. Don’t compare

This one from the smart parenting tips is not just for the children but for your self as well. Don’t get yourself too riled up when you can’t help to compare your kid to others. Always remember that kids develop on their own pace and they mostly turn up fine.

15 smart parenting tips to raise good kids

6. Not all battles are necessary

It’s good to be consistent with the rules of the house but it would also do good to be flexible especially if you’re about to implode. You can pick your own battles and let a few things slide. Avoid letting your emotions do or say something you would later regret just because your child won’t put his/her toys back in the bin.

7. Learn the different stages

It would do good to learn about the different stages of development your child would go through. This would help you remain calm when your child is learning his assertion and boundaries. Your child may also go through separation anxiety and it would help if you know this instead of dismissing it as just being clingy.

8. Compliment them for trying

If your child tried something, especially something new to them, whatever turns up, you could compliment them for trying. Give your child praise for giving his/her best during the game. But remember to acknowledge the things the things they can change instead of the ones they can’t.

9. Give them the chance to solve their problems

It’s hard for every parent to see their kid struggle in something, whether it’s as simple as a puzzle or they want to move something. Still, give them the opportunity to find the solutions for their problems. They might surprise themselves or maybe even you if they’re able to come up with creative solutions.

10. Give them empathy

When you express empathy, you put yourself in your kid’s shoes. This way, you’ll understand where they are coming from whether you agree with them or not. This would help you remain calm and would let your child know that you’re on his/her side.

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11. Encourage them to focus

When kids are trying to do something, they could easily get distracted thanks to their short attention spans and just leave what they’re doing unfinished. Encourage your child to concentrate on focus on their task so they could finish it before they get distracted. The sense of accomplishment would do great for their self esteem.

12. Be a role model

Children look up to their parents as prime examples whatever it may be. It would be better to set by example instead of just telling your kids what they should and should not do. Show them that what you’re trying to teach them is something you do yourself. Practice what you preach!

13. What works for you

There is no one-size-fits-all for parenting. Every child and household is different as well as family values. Listen to the different advice you could get from the other parents, your friends and relatives, or even the internet. But, don’t follow them blindly, you could cherry pick the ones that would work for you and your family.

14. No anger

No matter how much your child pushed your buttons, avoid disciplining them while you are angry. Don’t include your frustrations when you’re trying to teach them a lessons. Instead, give them a matter-of-fact consequence that are based on reasonable rules. This would help them understand that you’re trying to teach them and are not against them.

15. Be there for them

Show your kids love not just when things are going great but especially when things are not. You should be your child’s prime emotional support. When they are visibly upset over something, be there for them. Don’t just scold them for crying and send them off. A hug would go a long way.


These 15 smart parenting tips are here for you and your child. May these help you in raising your child to the best version that they could be.

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