Find out how thieves are stealing your atm pin code using an iPhone!

Find out how thieves are stealing your atm pin code using an iPhone!

Hey mommies! Be careful whenever using your debit card for paying. Thieves are now using iPhones for stealing your atm pin code! Read this to find out how.

Always be vigilant when handling your debit card: Thieves are now using their iPhone for stealing your atm pin code!

With the iPhone come a hoard of apps and accessories meant to improve user experience. An example of such is the seemingly ordinary looking iPhone case called "FLIR One- Infrared Accessory". Initially created for security purposes and more, this accessory is now being used by individuals who are up to no good.

According to, "the concept behind it is that the infrared camera on the case can pick up thermal heat signatures and translate them into dynamic color images".

The site goes on to say that while the phone case was initially created for security purposes, it is now (ironically) being used by thieves to pick up thermal heat signatures left behind after an individual punches in a PIN at the ATM or a bank code at the supermarket. For more information on how this modus operandi works, click here or better yet, watch the video above.

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