The Importance of Teaching Kids Online Safety

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Teaching Kids Online Safety : Instead of banning children from the internet, teach them about online safety and the importance of it.

The Importance of Teaching Kids Online Safety


The Importance of Teaching Kids Online Safety

The Family Online Safety Institute’s third annual conference turned out to be a breakthrough in the history of online safety education. The event encouraged participants to veer away from the usual perspective of looking at kids as potential victims of online crimes and see kids as active participants in the global online community.

Participants of the event tried to stop focusing on the dangers that the youth might encounter when going online. Instead they wanted to find ways on how adults, especially parents, can start working with their children to help them practice ethical and self-protective behavior when using the Internet. The event highlighted the topics of media literacy, digital citizenship, and critical thinking.

It is true that there’s really no sense in banning kids from using the Internet because technology is already a part of our. So, instead of constantly worrying about the real and imagined dangers of the internet, why don’t we just educate kids on how to use the Internet technology for their benefit?

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