7 Strange toddler behaviors that are totally normal

7 Strange toddler behaviors that are totally normal

Toddlers sometimes do a lot of strange things. But there's no need to worry, as some of their strange toddler behaviors are totally normal!

Toddlers do a lot of strange things. Sometimes parents can get too paranoid and start worrying about their child when they do some of these things. But in reality, there's really nothing to be worried about.

Here are 7 strange toddler behaviors that are totally normal!

Banging their heads

According to Heather Wittenberg, a child psychologist and author, rhythmic and repetitive motion can help calm your child's overstimulated nervous system. That's why you might sometimes see your little one banging their heads.

If your child isn't hurting themselves doing this behavior, then it's okay to let them be. However, if they bang their heads against the wall or would rather bang their head instead of play, eat, or socialize, then it would be best to take them to a psychologist.

Putting their hands inside their pants

This is something that a lot of kids do, and parents can sometimes overreact whenever they see their little ones touching themselves. Generally, this is pretty harmless behavior and there's nothing to be worried about.

However, if your child does it in public, then it might be best to tell them to do it in their room, or at home instead of doing it in public or in school.

Weird cravings

You might have seen your toddler pick up crumbs off the floor and eat them. Or maybe you've seen your little one eat sand when you went to the beach.

Children do these things because they use their mouths to explore the world around them. They're trying new things out and in doing so, they use their various senses. The only time you should be worried is if your little one constantly eats weird things and it's starting to become an actual problem.

Picking their noses

It's gross, but totally normal behavior. Even some adults do it (and it's grosser if an adult does it)!

What you can do about it is to tell your little one to do it whenever they're in the bathroom, and not to do it in public.

Having imaginary friends

Having imaginary friends might seem like a strange thing to adults, but for toddlers, it's totally normal behavior.

This means that your child is using their creativity to 'make their own world' and you should encourage them to exercise their creativity instead of reprimanding them.

Playing with their poop

Some toddlers tend to be extra curious and can sometimes take their diapers off and play with their poop. While this behavior is normal and happens more common than most people think, it's something that parents should try and prevent their kids from doing. Plus, it's unsanitary and cleaning up afterward is a nightmare!

So, make sure to keep an eye on your little one, especially if they're starting to get curious about their own poop!

Just doing weird things in general

Some toddlers love to run around naked. Others like to go down on all fours and pretend that they're dogs! Doing wacky and weird things are just normal for toddlers and unless they're hurting themselves, there's really no need to be worried too much.

Source: thebump.com

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