This deranged stranger cut a mom's baby from her womb

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Lane used the shards of the shattered lava lamp to cut open Michelle’s stomach and extract her seven-month-old fetus.

This is a stuff for nightmares, a story that would not look out of place in a slasher film.

Coloradan Michelle Wilkins saw the ad on Craigslist. It advertised the sale of maternity clothes, and Michelle, with two months left of her pregnancy, jumped at the opportunity.

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The ad was posted by Dynel Catrece Lane, who invited Michelle into her house to see the clothes. They talked for an hour, after which Lane invited Michelle into the basement.

After the two women talked for about an hour, Lane asked Michelle to come into the basement of the home, where she attacked the pregant woman, smashing a lava lamp over her head, prosecutors said.


“I was very confused when it all started. I thought when she first hit me, was there a spider on me? She grabbed me and pushed me deeper in the house…it had this nightmarish quality…she broke something over my head and liquid was pouring on me,” she said.

Michelle also remembered a disturbing conversation with Lane as the assault went on.

A deranged stranger cut mom's baby from womb

Michelle Wilkins recounted on “Dr. Phil” now a stranger cut her baby from her womb; Photo courtesy: Dr. Phil

“My core belief is that love motivates, [so] I told her I loved her, and in turn she stabbed me. She said, ‘If you love me, you will let me do this.’”

Lane used the shards of the shattered lava lamp to cut open Michelle’s stomach and extract her seven-month-old fetus, then left it in a bathtub. Wilkins was on a bed bleeding.

Method to madness

According to the police, Lane had duped her husband Ridley into believing that she was pregnant.

When her husband arrived home on the day of the attack, Lane told him she had suffered a miscarriage, and Ridley took his wife and the fetus to the hospital.

“Lane’s story unraveled after staff there became suspicious when she refused an examination, and she ultimately admitted to a detective that she had attacked Wilkins,” police said.

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Despite drifting in and out of consciousness, Michelle was able to call 911, directing the police to her location.

At the intensive care, Michelle and her partner Dan was able to se her unborn baby before it died.

“Dan and I thought she was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen,” she said. “And I was just so grateful to have her even for her short and small life. I think she was perfect.”

Lane is facing charges of first-degree attempted murder, assault and child abuse.

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