Study links diet sodas to stroke and dementia

Study links diet sodas to stroke and dementia

Avoiding soda for you and your family might be the healthiest decision that you've ever made.

According to the study, the artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas have been linked to a higher risk of stroke and dementia.

Those who drank soft drinks with artificial sweeteners were most at risk

In the study, the researchers studied 2888 participants aged 45 years and above, tested them for their risk of stroke, and studied another 1484 participants aged 60 and above, and studied them for their risk of dementia.

They found that in addition to diet, physical activity, and smoking, those who drank more sodas with artificial sweeteners were more at risk for having a stroke, as well as dementia in their old age.

Typically, these artificial sweeteners are used in “diet” sodas as a “healthier” substitute for sugar.

Study links diet sodas to stroke and dementia

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Sodas are bad for you and your family’s health

In addition, CNN reported that drinking one artificially sweetened soft drink a day can have adverse effects on a person’s health in the future, as “diet” soft drink drinkers were three times more likely to have an ischemic stroke and three times more likely to be diagnosed with dementia in their old age.

The researchers haven’t proven that aspartame, or the artificial sweetener typically used in sodas can cause stroke or dementia. In spite of this, the evidence seems to point towards aspartame playing a role when it comes to stroke and dementia.

Currently, the The FDA, World Health Organization, European Food Safety Authority and other groups have cited that aspartame is safe for consumption. However, this doesn’t mean that aspartame is automatically safe as further studies are necessary in order to understand the artificial sweetener’s effects on the body.

In the meantime, it would be best for you and your family to avoid soft drinks entirely as generally, sodas aren’t a healthy drink. Instead, opt for a healthier option, such as water or fresh fruit juice.


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