Study says that you might be wrong about your own allergies!

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A study has found that parents might not really have the allergies that they think they have.

A new study has found that some parents might be mistaken when it comes to what allergies they think they have.

70% tested negative on allergy tests

The study, which was done on parents of kids that have allergies, showed that parents who said that they had allergies, didn’t have any. The team conducted allergy tests on the parents, and they found that 70% of them tested negative on the allergies that they thought they had.

Over 2,500 parents filled out a survey asking if they had any allergies. They then underwent a skin-prick test as well as a blood test to determine if there’s an allergic reaction.

Close to 14% of the parents said that they had food allergies. But among those that said they had allergies, only 28% had an allergy to the food that they reported.

Getting tested for allergies is important

The results of the study might have something to do with the common practice that doctors have when it comes to diagnosing allergies. Doctors often ask parents if they have any food allergies so that they can determine if their children is at risk for a certain type of food allergy. This practice might make parents of kids with food allergies think that they have an allergy themselves.

There’s also the possibility that the parents had allergies when they were young, but they eventually grew out of it, and they just haven’t been re-tested to see if they still have allergies or not.

This brings to light the importance of getting tested for allergies instead of simply assuming that you may or may not be allergic to a certain type of food.

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