Apples Aberin and Sam Sadhwani share 5 tips on how to combine comfort and style

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The stylish mom and daughter duo believe that comfort and style can go together! Here are 5 style lessons they shared with us

Veteran model Apples Aberin-Sadhwani has donned the creations of renowned fashion designers and graced the pages of practically every magazine. But it seems that motherhood looks best on her.

We got to know Apples and her stunning daughter Sam a bit better and found out that they're "best friends with similar interests", but Apples also shared how they would sometimes become "frenemies", getting into the pettiest of fights when they borrow each other's things without permission. But one thing they can both agree on is their "shared passion for fashion".

Here are 5 tips Apples and Sam swear by which make it possible to marry comfort and style.

1. "Invest in timeless pieces"

Don't be a slave to trends. Go for classic pieces that can evolve with the times. Both Apples and Sam agree that fit and fabric should be major considerations. Simplicity and affordability are also their top priorities.

Having been in the fashion industry for over two decades, Apples know that trends come and go, but style is eternal.

2. "Inject your personal style"

Choosing one trendy piece can liven up your whole look. It can be a pair of heels or a cute bag; incorporating your personal style into any look will make you even more comfortable and confident.

Apples shares that although she and Sam share similar fashion philosophies, their personalities differ. Sam is admittedly more shy and reserved, but can "step it up" when the opportunity calls for it. Much like her mom, too, Sam is both a writer and model.

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3. "Highlight your assets"

Celebrate what you love best about your body by choosing pieces that highlight your assets. Do you love your long legs? Are you proud of your well-toned arms? Apples is all for flaunting them!

Her advice is to dress for your body type. She named some style pegs who embody this style philosophy: Oprah, Jessica Alba, and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

4. "Repeat: Easy on, Easy off"

Go for stylish clothes that are "simple and uncomplicated" with easy-to-manage hooks and zippers. Apples shared an adorable anecdote when Sam was living alone in Paris and she didn't have anyone to help her fasten the back of her dress.

It's also helpful for women on the go to be able to get dressed in an instant. Style doesn't have to take up your whole morning.

Being travelphiles and beach lovers, Apples and Sam often sport laidback attire.

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5. "Support is a must!"

What you wear underneath is just as important as your OOTD. Choosing the right innerwear is one of the keys to effectively merging style and comfort, according the the mom and daughter duo.

Remember: innerwear must support and not constrict! They should highlight where it counts.

This article was based on a presentation given by Apples and Sam at Uniqlo's Comfort Beauty launch

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