Tips for a Successful marriage: How to flirt with your spouse

Tips for a Successful marriage: How to flirt with your spouse

Keeping the spark alive between husband and wife is a must if you want a successful marriage. If you're having a hard time doing so, read this for tips.


How to flirt after marriage

Keeping the romance alive in your marriage can sometimes be a challenge once the babies start coming. Let’s face it, a houseful of kids (or even one) isn’t very conducive for doing it on the kitchen table or chasing each other through the house naked.

But that doesn’t mean you and your spouse can’t flirt with each other — surely you do remember how to flirt. Just think back of the courtship days.

In fact, allowing your children to see the romantic attraction between the two of you is healthy.

Knowing dad and mom are in love makes for a child who is secure, confident and who has a healthy role model of what a relationship should be. Here’s how…

Date nights

No one will accuse you of loving your baby any less if you and your spouse sets aside an evening every week or every other week for date night. Dinner, a movie, bowling, skating, strolling through a museum, whatever pleases you.

Just don’t make it an evening to talk about the kids. Talk about your goals as a family, plan a vacation, talk about household projects, the latest book you’ve read, the latest neighborhood or office gossip, anything but the kids .

Those little things that really do matter

The little things that we often take for granted really do speak volumes about your relationship.

Things like kissing and hugging when you say good-bye and hello, good-natured teasing, laughing together, helping each other around the house and speaking respectfully to one another.

Your children won’t necessarily be conscious of what is happening, but they definitely reap the benefits of a loving home. This is how you flirt in a healthy manner with your soul mate.

Make a point to…

Know how to flirt. It’s not easy being married and being a family. It takes work–but doesn’t anything worth having? Making your marriage work and work well requires total commitment to the making the other person feel special, loved and respected.

And when you do, they’ll do the same for you in return. This doesn’t always come naturally-it takes a conscious effort to let someone know how special they are.

Here’s how to flirt the G-rated way with children in sight:

  • Compliment your spouse at least once a day
  • Make their favorite foods
  • Suggest a movie-but make sure it’s one of their favorites
  • Treat them to a free day to do whatever they wish to do
  • Do some of their household chores for them once in a while without expecting anything in return
  • Surprise them with ticket to a sporting event, a new book or something they will consider special
  • Plan a festive celebration for your anniversary
  • Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’

Don’t assume

Last but not least, use the ‘L’ word often. Tell your spouse and your children you love them. Tell them what you love about them and make it obvious to your children, friends and family that you love your spouse. A marriage that is loving in word and deed is a marriage that works.


Hope this article on how to flirt after marriage has enlightened you– as you can see, it is not difficult to flirt with your spouse. It’s those simple things that we do that can bring out the best in our spouses. Take that time, make that effort and never take anything for granted. 

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