Supercalifragalistic! Mary Poppins Flash Mob for Dick Van Dyke's 90th Birthday

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Dick Van Dyke, the actor who played chimneysweep Bert in Mary Poppins, celebrates his 90th Birthday with a bang!

Dick Van Dyke, the actor who played the role of Bert the chimney sweep in the well-loved movie Mary Poppins, is celebrating his 90th birthday. To celebrate this milestone, fans dressed up as Mary Poppins characters and assembled for a flash mob performance of songs from the movie.

At 90, Van Dyke still has that mischievous-boy glint in his eyes. His well-loved voice is still strong and clear and he sings "Let's Go Fly a Kite" with the same zest for life that we remember from the movie.

Why not watch "Mary Poppins" with your children and re-live your days of singing "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down?" It will be a good family bonding activity and the film teaches important life lessons such as finding the fun in every job that must be done - yes, Mary Poppins was an early advocate of gamification.

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