How to teach your little boy to pee standing up

How to teach your little boy to pee standing up

Wondering how to teach your growing boy to pee standing up all on his own? Here are some important reminders to make the transition as seamless as possible!

Potty training is an important part of your child’s development. For moms and dads of boys, there is another toilet-related milestone that must be prepared for—how to teach boys to pee standing up.

To teach boys to pee standing up, you must first assess your son’s readiness for the transition. Here are a few reminders to keep in mind!

Once they can urinate sitting down, then it’s a good time to teach boys to pee standing up

teach boys to pee standing up

Once your little boy has mastered peeing while sitting down, then they’re ready to learn how to pee standing up. (image source: pixabay)

Let them get used to sitting while urinating. Some toddlers tend to spill urine all over the seat even while sitting. Guide them to push their penis gently down to aim into the toilet bowl.

Once they’ve mastered that, then you are usually ready to try to pee standing.

Around the age of three, your son will already show signs of readiness. Though some boys will seem to be ready for toilet training earlier/later than others.

As with all other developmental milestones, it’s best to let your child learn at their own pace, while nudging them encouragingly in the right direction.

Here’s how to start transitioning him from sitting to standing during potty time!

1. Talk to your child

Other signs of readiness to look out for are his motor development and cognitive skills. Does he already know the reasons why we go to the bathroom? Is he able to sit very still until he is done peeing?

“Then when they’re ready to try it, you buy them briefs, or they go commando,” dad of three Vincent Sales recommends. “When they’re ready you have to commit to no diapers. [My sons] were accident-free after a week.”

Remember to answer questions patiently and in easily understandable ways.

teach boys to pee standing up

2. Guide him

Single mom Camille Carvajal recounts having to struggle with teaching her little boy how to aim.

Since a little boy’s penis points directly away from them, then it might be hard to teach boys to pee standing up.

“Being a fast learner, my little boy picked it up quickly in just a few days,” she tells us.

Remember to guide them as they concentrate on aiming into the potty. If he’s still too small to reach the toilet, a step stool could do the trick.

teach boys to pee standing up

3. Let him try on his own!

Let your child learn by trial and error.

“There’s a lot of prep-work involved. You talk to them about peeing,” explains dad of three Vincent Sales. “You see if they can take off their pants. You even let them watch you do your business.”

Make sure he knows the difference between pee and poop, and that pooping means he needs to still be seated on his potty. Some boys tend to forget that they also need to poop and this can lead to constipation.

teach boys to pee standing up

4. Practice makes perfect

Let them practice and practice on their own, but if they’re too intimidated by facing the potty, let them try elsewhere.

“I let my sons pee in the shower first because kids are scared of the toilet,” explains dad of three Vincent. 
Be patient with your boys, advises Vince. His eldest boy toilet trained at age four, while his second learned at three. He is just about to toilet train his youngest, who is still in diapers, but seems ready for the change.

teach boys to pee standing up

5. Be encouraging when he misses

Expect the mess by preparing absorbent mats around his potty. Don’t pressure your little one!

“There will be lots of accidents in the first days. Get the towels ready!” warns dad of three Vincent.
“It was messy at first! But well worth the effort,” agrees mom Camille.

teach boys to pee standing up

6. Teach him good hygiene habits

Lastly, once they have mastered the art of peeing while standing up, teach them to wash their hands and to throw used toilet paper into the bin.

Washing their hands and keeping the bathroom clean reinforces good habits in your kid.

teach boys to pee standing up

How would you teach boys to pee standing up? Let us know in the comments below!

illustrations by: Angga Ristawan

source: NHS UK

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