Thai cave rescue begins as boys share sweet notes with their parents

Thai cave rescue begins as boys share sweet notes with their parents

The boys have been trapped in the complicated network of underground caves since 23 June.

As we continue to wait with bated breath about rescue details of the Thai boys trapped in underground caves that are reportedly in full swing now, we hear of some bittersweet news that brings a smile to our lips and tears to our eyes too. The Thai boys wrote letters to their parents, telling them how much they love them and miss them, and also reassuring their parents not to worry.

According to reports, final rescue operations to bring the boys out are now in full swing.

Thai Boys Wrote Letters to Their Parents to Keep Their Spirits Up

The 12 boys trapped in the Tham Luang cave network since June 23, wrote sweet notes to their parents, that were delivered by navy divers.

One boy wrote, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Please tell Yod to take me out to a fried chicken shop.”

Another boy said, “I love you father and mother and Toy. If we can get out, please can you take me to eat at a pan-fried pork restaurant? I love you.”

Yet another sweet note read: “Don’t worry that I am missing for two weeks, I will help you at the shop soon.”

Heartrendingly, all the children have written about how much they want to go home, but at the same time reassuring their parents that they are strong, and not to worry about them.

thai boys wrote letters

Until they see their children again, these parents will not rest, or stop hoping and praying. | Image: Screengrab, ABC News

Anxious Parents Send Words of Love Back

As the desperate parents wait at the entrance to the caves, praying that their children are brought out safely soon, details of notes they wrote too, have emerged.

“We are not angry at you. Please take good care of yourselves and cover yourself with blankets. It’s cold and we’re worried about you.”

“Thank you very much for taking care of our children. You went into the cave with our children and you must get out with them. Take our children and yourself out with safety. We are waiting in front of the cave,” is what another wrote to the coach.

The 25-year-old soccer coach apologized to parents in the first letter he and the team sent out through divers.

“Dear Knight (Peerapat Som-Piengjai), Dad and mom is waiting to arrange for your birthday party. Please get out soon, and stay healthy,” said another parent.

“Father and mother want to see your face. Father and mother pray for you and your friends, in order to see you soon,” writes the parent of another boy Adul Sam-On.

And the parents of the youngest boy of the group, just 10 years old, wrote these loving words to him:

“Titan, I’ve been waiting for you in front of the cave. I love you and miss you so much. Be patient. I cheer you up! Be strong, I wait for you in front of the cave. You must make it! I believe in you. You can make it. I’m giving you moral support all the time. Love you so much. Your dad also misses you and loves so much.”

Final Rescue Operation Launches

While it is certainly a relief that these young boys have been found, their ordeal won’t be over until they are safely out of the labyrinth of caves. We already know that the escape route is fraught with dangers, with the death of a Thai navy diver involved in the rescue.

However, it is clear that rescue operations cannot be put off for any longer, as oxygen levels in the caves continue to dwindle.

Today (8 July), mission chief Narongsak Osottanakorn announced at a press conference that 18 divers commenced the final rescue operation of the schoolboys.

According to The Straits Times, 13 foreign cave diving experts and five Thai SEALs compose the team.

Each child will reportedly be accompanied by two divers. The first is expected to emerge from the cave complex at 9pm local time. However, it is expected that the operation may take longer, since the boys lack diving skill.

“We’ve been waiting for this exact moment to begin the evacuation, when we’re all prepared and the survivors’ safety can be 100 per cent guaranteed,” said Narongsak.

References: The Guardian, ABC News, Channel NewsAsia

We will keep you updated of the boys’ rescue efforts. Please join theAsianparent in continuing to hope and pray for the boys’ and their coach’s safe return to their families. 

Republished with permission from: theAsianParent Singapore


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