The heartbreaking story of a dad whose baby was put up for adoption without his knowledge

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He was looking forward to raising his lovely daughter but little did he know that he had already been robbed of this right.

Colby Nielson became a father on the 4th of November, 2015. He was excited by the idea of raising his newborn daughter, Kaylee.

But to his surprise and utter disappointment, Kaylee’s mother had put the two-week-old newborn up for adoption without his knowledge, relinquishing her rights to friends of their family.

According to Utah Adoption Law, mothers are allowed to put their babies up for adoption without the knowledge of the biological father.

Now, Colby has no choice but to give up rights to his own child.

According to his laywer, he needs to file a paternity action, an affidavit and a commencement notice with Utah’s vital records at least a day before the adoption papers were signed.

But sadly, Colby says that Kaylee’s mother gave him no time to take the necessary actions, only warning him a few hours before the adoption took place.

In the video below, Colby recounts the painful situation he now finds himself in.

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Bianchi Mendoza