The secret of getting your toddler to sleep

The secret of getting your toddler to sleep

Sybil Hart gives her advice on how you can get your toddler to sleep at night with a new technique. Read more about it here...

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Check out Sybil Hart’s new technique to help with getting your toddler to sleep!

Is the bedtime routine a torture for you? Instead of dozing off easily, does your toddler end up going hyper? Do you struggle with getting your toddler to sleep at night?

Sybil Hart, a child development researcher from the Texas Tech University says that massage can help you and other parents in getting your toddler to sleep easily at night.  According to Sybil, massage helps ease anxiety and stress in children. This also helps improve their cognitive performance.

Well, massaging won’t really be a problem. Getting little children to lie still long enough for their parents to massage them, that’s the hard part. So Hart came up with a program called Lullaby Massage which consists of rhymes which are actually just instructions for parents and lullabies for the kids. As parents say the rhymes, they do matching movements that are actually massage motions.

For those who like to go to spas, I’m sure you’ll agree with this finding. Why don’t you try massaging your toddlers tonight and see if getting your toddler to sleep is easier?

Do you have other tips on getting your toddler to sleep? Let us know in the comments below!

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